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06-23-2006, 12:20 PM
For the past 7 months now, I've been having very small muscle fibrillations. Typical areas are the forearms, shoulders, biceps, neck, stomach (sides, and just under sternum), calfs, thighs.

All blood test results for the last 6 months have been normal. The only encounter was high ALT and GGT enzymes. This was followed up with an ultrasound, and then an HIV and Hep test. All were normal.

The doctor cannot shed any light on why I am getting these muscle fibrillations. He asked me to stay off any stimulants (coffee, cigarettes, sugar, etc) and I did so for a month, no changes. He is now sending me to a GI specialist, as that is the only problem he can find in my tests, is that my liver enzymes were high.

I've had the "swollen liver" feelings, and took nexium for awhile to see if it was GERD. It helped but never relieved the muslce fibrillations.

The thing I am worried about is whether or not the main problem is being addressed. I've had no problems with my liver, but it seems that that is why I am going to see the GI specialist. I'm more concerned about these muscle fibrillations.

If anyone can shed some light on muslce fibrillations and how they can happen, besides stimulants and medication (not on any, never have been, except for the nexium, which i started AFTER the fibrillations were happening. )

Thanks a lot.

06-26-2006, 09:41 AM