View Full Version : Melonoma - what were your symptoms and how were you diagnosed?

07-20-2006, 05:41 PM
I just had two biopsys and am waiting for the results. One was a strange shaped (dark, like a collection of shells) and the other was a bump that would go through cycles of being a bump, bleeding, coming off, becoming a bump again.

For those of you who have skin cancer, specifically melonoma, how were you diagnosed? What were the symptoms? What is the treatment like?

Sorry for the million questions.... any info appreciated. :)

07-24-2006, 07:23 AM
I am a very moley person. I went to the dermatologist for a "skin check". She found two moles that she didn't like the color or shape of. (irregular shape (not round) and dark in color - with one of them being two different colors) Then she did a biopsy on both. In two weeks the results came back that I had melamoma skin cancer. I am scheduled for surgery this Wednesday. I am told that the procedure is mostly like the biopsy except a little larger and deeper. I can tell you that I was really scared but that the procedure for the biopsy was not bad. A small pin ***** feeling and then nothing else. I hope this helps you. It's important to catch it early. God Bless.

07-25-2006, 12:02 PM
May I ask.... do you have to have chemo, rads or anything else with this kind of cancer?

I'm supposed to get my results today....

07-28-2006, 09:42 PM
Well I had this growth on my right arm. First it was a normal mole. Then it got big and irregular shaped over the past 5 years. Then it got really dried up and scaly. I asked my Dr. what he thought about it and he said nothing except "don't worry about it". Meanwhile all the moles on my legs got scaly and I could scratch them off, but they were still there. Then I went to my new Dr. and she looked at it and said she would refer me to a Dermotologist but never did. Then I went to Pensacola Fl in July (it was hot and humid) and this mole turned white and rose 1/4" off my arm. This thing is so ugly that everyone asks me about it.
I saw the Dr. and it is being removed Monday. As she was looking at the mole to be removed she said to pay close attention to this other mole directly above it cause it was changing. I told her that I have 20 more on my legs just like it and she didn't even bother to look at them. My brother was diagnosed with skin cancer 2 years before and I told her that. The old phrase "you get what you pay for" should not refer to dr.'s. I have good insurance. I've noticed that even having great health insurance, don't make the Dr.'s any better. It's all commercial and how they feel about you and how their day is going.
I'll let u know what the results are.

07-29-2006, 06:49 PM
I have a sqamous cancer on my scalp, had several sun spots removed but this one started as a lump then became sorer and I then had a naturopath do some work on it - this involved using a needle to place a mystery ointment around the section this was what was used before for non maligment ones and worked Ok This one was done in fFeb 06 then I went to another naturopath In Sydney some 1000km away who is the leading iridologist in the country he suggested that the work did not go far enough and there were two of them so back to the first guy who on redoing this in April 06 agreed by the change in the colour of the skin when he was applying another batch of the ointment that it was larger than he thought .

The process before was that it formed a scab under dressing fwhich was left in place for or three days ( no touch now washing) ( water anti active ) then this came away and left a hole which healed over naturally.

Have kids ( one a learner PHD viroligist married to a third year med student so they are the experts)who are telling me to go to a surgeon and have it cut out but I have opted for another course and God knows what it would be like if I took that path as is the wound is the size of a tea cup

With this one the healing was proceeding but then seemed to reach a stagnation point .

So another visit to the sydney guy again who suggested using a cream of schlueser liver salts of mag phos calc flur and ferro phos this was done for a while he also suggested laser work for healing and so to aother leading naturopath in Brisbane who does this who also suggested the application of a new wound gel for ulcerations be used, which was tried but not really with any great activity ( drressings and changes are done morning and night ). he then suggested I use a cabbage leaf poltice with agar agar seaweed powder to draw out the cancerous cells oh I am also washing it with hydrogen peroxide ( full strength then washing that off which brings away the deaed cells ) which has been done for a couple of days now and also the use of vitamin C and Goji juice as well I am also using rhodilia and dandelion tea with aloe vera.

Sounds a a bit witch doctoery but then this week ( July 25) went to a Dr who does both she suggested I was on the right path but has also said I am to take six weeks off work to rest and possibly go to a cancer clinic ( all the positive thinking things).She also gave me an injection of vitamin C and is to do an injection of B12 the prob is that the circulation of blood to this area of the scalp is limited and any restriction of oxygen retards the flow and thus the healing. I am also taking sublingual B12.

Havew been advised by the Dr to take 6 weeks off work for rest and attendance at cancer clinics

I am also to go overseaes for a week and a half and infection fear is a worry as well as dressing it myself but there is a need to do so and I will have a weeks rest ( taking the 6 weeks) first before I go .

Reading a cancer book and will now put into place the meditation and imaging process using my own little SAS forces unit I will call p53 ( the anti cancer unit) to attack those little blighters ( bad cells) who think they are immune but that will only be till my troops weed them out and slaughter them - all helps .

In Oz we also had a guy in perth ( Dr and naturopath) who had fabulous results with sound frequencies but was scoffed at by the medico profession and Govt health authorities until a major TV current affair host pushed it and had the national health minister back pedal but this was to late for this guy who beceame disillusioned by the medico system in Oz so has returned to Ireland. I will track him down and discuss with him my issue and keep you posted .

Also on heaps of naturopath "stuff" if interested just ask and I will advise what

07-30-2006, 11:39 PM
Wow after all of that,I feel overwhelmed!!I had a mole on the outside of my left wrist,it was large and dark.One day my miniature Schnauzer kept trying to lick and sniff at it.I looked at it and realised it was now bigger,and was red,white and blue.Went to Derm Dr,he took a look and said it was a good thing I came in,it looked not-good.He did a shave biopsy and took it off and sent it for testing,came back Melanoma,had surgery one week later.They had to cut around by one inch on all sides and in depth too,making sure there was none left.I do have a scar that is app 3 inches long and looks kind of like a bite out of my arm.Twice yearly checks for 2 years,then yearly for the next 3,has been12 years now.No chemo or radiation,I was told that it is not effective in Melanoma.

Unfortunately I seem to have it again,I think,on my ankle,Have an appt the end of the week.

09-05-2006, 12:06 PM
I have had a biopsy done and mine is on my forehead
I am awaiting results but have been told they will be freezing it off with Liquid Nitrogen
I had a red mark on my face and it did not go away so i went to docs and was refered
Bit scared but glad they caught it early