View Full Version : Are new moles normal with age?

07-24-2006, 10:53 AM
As a child I hardly had any moles. My sister had alot and I can remember comparing the amount of moles we had as children. Well 2 years ago I had a suspicious mole removed but it came back benign. However I have been noticing more moles popping out. A few have gotten alot darker and slightly bigger. i have a new one on the side of my face but I cant tell if it looks "normal" because of its location. Also on my upper arm about 2 months ago I had a lump that turned into an open sore and when it healed it looks like a scaly growth with a black spot on it in the middle like a mole. I am worried and I am making an appointment with my Dr. Is it normal to get new moles as you get older? I am now 26. Also if it is skin cancer does it mean its possible for it to be in multiple spots since the skin is considered "one" organ? Also if it is possible for it to be in multiple places would treatment still consist of removal and when would they consider other forms of treatment? Also is skin cancer hereditary? Ok I think thats all my questions, lol. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

09-02-2006, 07:25 PM
I have grown many new moles over the years and I am now 48. I had three removed a year ago and they results came back 'negative'.
Many people get more moles when they get older. You should always have any that look suspicious checked out by a dermatoligist asap to be 'on the safe side'.
I have also had 4 moles removed because they were raised and I hated that they interfered with my clothing. I am going to have 3-4 more removed this year. They started off small but grew with my age! LOL!

09-10-2006, 05:52 PM
I myself have not gotten any but my mother-in-law has quite a few that she didn't have when she was younger. Could be her genes, could be from the sun when she was younger. She's in her 70's and it's more common in older people but I'm sure younger ones like you can get them, too. Do you go in the sun alot without sunscreen? Because this is usually the most common reason for what you're experiencing, and the fact that some people are just more susceptible to them. The one on your arm you definitely need to have looked at. And yes, you can get skin cancer in more than one spot but treatment would still be the same - removal and biopsy, and if it comes back malignant, they simply remove a bit more tissue until it comes back clear. For melanoma, that's a dangerous one because it gets into your system and spreads, which is why you never let a suspicious mole go once it's noticed - people die from this one so always get it checked.
As for skin cancer being heriditary - I pesonally don't think so because skin cancer is caused from the sun, you don't inherit it. If you spend time in the sun without protection, that's dangerous and could be the underlying reason for what's causing the moles to appear. And you don't need to be laying out in it tanning; they say that most skin cancers are caused by incidental exposure, meaning just coming and going without sunscreen on. Which is also why most skin cancer is on the left side of the face - that's the side driver's have exposed.

11-15-2006, 03:23 PM
I am in my sixties i never had moles now i can see three of them on my
back one is round and the others are smaller, i didnt really notice them
until a few days ago. i think they are normal part of aging,i dont know for
sure,i spent many years in the sun, but my back didnt seem to be exposed.
i dont have any on my face. thanks i taught i would share this.