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08-04-2006, 01:21 PM
I have a suspicious (clear, raised, with a small scab forming) on my arm. My Dr. has said I have cause to be concerned and has scheduled a "punch biopsy" for next Friday. First off, has anyone had this and is it terrible? I know I'm a big baby, but this is my second biopsy this year and my nerves are wearing thin. Also, is the fact that he's willing to wait a week to do it a good sign?:) Just freaking out a little.

08-17-2006, 07:09 AM
liz554 - I just had 2 punch biobsies done on Monday - little to no pain involved:)
Basically they numb the area with local, take a pen looking punch the tip is about the size of your pinky finger - and punch it - the worst part is the shot to numb - I had it done on Monday
Got my results - which weren't good - by the way - clarks level 4 melanoma - 1.25mm.................and now have an appt with the oncologist on Monday for more surgery - to totally remove the spot and some nodes.
GOOD LUCK - don't panic - it really will be OK -
I went to the gym today and worked out - 3 days later!

09-11-2006, 07:36 AM
Wow! I was diagnosed 8/14 - with MM on my left leg/thigh
Clarks level IV. first thoughts were - I'm going to die -
Over the last 3 wks had gone through a series of test - PET, CAT, and MRI.
PET scan showed a .3m spot on my lung - so further tests on that will occur in 3 months, to make sure it isn't growing. It also showed pollup (spelling??) on my sinus tract - and I have been referred to a ENT specialist.
Up side of testing - you know everying inside your body that doesn't belong -
9/1 - I had major surgery with a large football shaped cut on my thigh and according to the mapping that was done prior to surgery - the Dr. was removing 2 or 3 nodes from my groin -
I awoke after surgery feeling pretty awful and in alot of pain - I calmly asked the nurse if the Dr. had made a mistake - based on the way I felt inside - he had removed many more parts than he should have. She explained that sometimes surgery changes when the Dr. is inside.
I'll explain: 1 1/2 hour surgery turned into 3 1/4 hours.
2-3 lymph nodes turned in to 7 nodes and muscle and nerves cut.
My Dr. explained that once he opened me the nodes he was to extract were in a cluster and he felt that due to this - the safer thing to do was to remove the entire cluster.
Instead of a very small groin cut - I have a 4in cut that pains me greatly - even after 10 days -
upside - Biopsy's on the nodes are negative - all the cancer was taken from my thigh and it was only a stage 1B cancer - hopefully it will never come back.
I really have gone into this - just so you all know - ask your Dr. many questions -. Over educate yourself about the process and
On a down side - I just heard on the news the Steve Holmes died of Melanomoa.
Please remember - early detection can save your life -!
I'm on the up swing - finally
every 3 months to the Dermatologists - probably for the rest of my life -
a new set of wonderful Dr.'s at Physicians Regional in Naples - WONDERFUL Dr.'s......
And a 2nd chance at LIFE -
It all gives you a totally different perpective on life....Live everyday like its your last - enjoy your family and friends and take to do something good for others - every day!