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08-24-2006, 08:07 PM

Im tipping the scales at 260!!!!!! I feel more sluggish than ever. Im 26 years old and I feel 60. I clearly have to make some drastic changes in my eating and exercising habits.

1st issue is diet.
Im single. Im broke. I live with a room mate. These things come together to make watching my diet a lot more difficult than it should be. I end up eating fastest and cheapest food I can find. Can somebody suggest healthy, cheap, fast alternatives to mexi microwavable dinners?

2nd issue- exercise! I used to be a boxer. I worked out constantly then. Now I cant seem to figure out a way to exercise. I always over do it on my first day and then I cant move the next 3 days and then I give up. How can I develop a progessive system that wont put me out of commision?..Thanks

I love to play world of warcraft..is there anything I can do while Im sitting at my pc and playing?

08-25-2006, 01:19 PM
You can only defeat obesity by removing the cause from your life: The food industry. Start making everything you eat from scratch. If you eat cereal for breakfast, cook 3 or 5 minute unflavoured oatmeal, oatbran or cream of wheat, cream of rice on the stove and add your own cut up fruit, coconut. The microwave destroys 90% of nutrients. Don't eat 1% milk. Milk fat is good for you. Eat more fats and oils. Eating fat makes you thin. Except hydrogenated oils (trans fat). Absolutely no hydrogenated oils, so no margerine. It is only one molecule away from plastic. Use butter. Low fat diets cause obesity, heart disease and stroke. Don't eat white sugar.

To clean your arteries out of hydrogenated buildup, mix a tablespoon of cold pressed flax oil (refrigerated in health store) into a quarter cup of cottage cheese every day. The oil when mixed in sulfurated protein becomes water soluble in the body and loosens clogged arteries as well as killing cancer cells. (As researched and proven by Dr Johanna Butwig, PHD).

Invest in a large bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Pure - no canola mixture. Put olive oil and butter on all your steamed veggies and salads. Make your own mashed potatoes and veggies. Vow to never eat anything that came out of a box. To save time cook extra amounts and reheat some next day in toaster oven on 250 degrees. Microwaving kills too many nutrients. Eat mixed nuts everyday. Chop healthy fat containing avocadoes onto salad or sandwich. They are NOT fattening. Decrease the amount of bread you eat and don't eat donuts for breakfast. Eat eggs instead. Keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge for breakfast and lunch all week. Eat protein when you feel like something sweet.

I know this sounds expensive and time consuming but it is the only permanent way to stabilize body weight. The food industry has got you where they want you.

Re: computer games. You can put the monitor and keyboard on a higher level so you are standing instead of sitting. March on the spot periodically, while you play.

To ease cravings take 5 grams of glutamine per day.

To ease cravings for carbs

08-25-2006, 01:52 PM
P.S. you mentioned you are broke. I'm not meaning to imply that you are on welfare, but welfare recipients can apply for a special diet budget. Welfare has forms for a doctor to fill out and you get around $200 extra per month for a special diet expense.

08-29-2006, 07:03 AM
Nothing is more important than developping a good life habit

01-16-2007, 11:02 PM
Well I would be the last one to tell you how and what to eat as my wife is the one that takes care of that department. And might I say she's a great cook. But what the others are saying about cooking things yourself seem like the right way to go. But on the exercise side you yourself would know what you have to do being an exboxer. Now I know this is no picnic stepping in the ring and the training is hard. So you have to just start off very slowly. Like I think some on the site has already said. It took all that time to put it on so it just wont fall off over night. You have to work at it. You just have to refinded the disipline that you had while you were boxing. And always start of by warming up and even if for the first couple of weeks you only do 10 minutes of exercise. Its a start and that will slowly be able to be built upon until you are back in some sort of shape that you and only you like to see in the mirror. I have just started my wife on a very light weight training program she has been doing it now for 3 weeks and things look to be working and that is with very light weights and higher repatitions. But you have to take it slow to begin with. I hope this has helped out a little.

01-28-2007, 02:09 PM
Find out if there is a farmers market in your area. We have a great one in our area and we go no matter what, snow, hail, rain, sun. you can buy fresh fruit and veggies for so little money. We spend ten dollars a weekend and get food for one week. I also think cooking from scrath is the way to go, if you don't know how then the internet is a great tool. Make big pots of soup or stew so you can eat for three or four days. I used to cook on Sunday for the entire week and keep everything frozen till the night before. You can get creative and enjoy it in the meantime. Learn to love your food and savor every moment.