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11-08-2006, 03:37 PM
hi everyone; just wanted to get any feedback as i think i've been misdiagnosed with GERD'. my health problem started about 5 months ago when i felt a gurgulation feeling travel up thru my esophogus (this just happen 1x) - then a few weeks later i woke up one morning with an awful feeling in my mid back area.

a few weeks or so after i started to feel worse with nausea, acidy & a very gurglily stomack and my right side area aching (side of my body to the left side under my right breast).

i waited 3 weeks or so before going to see my doctor because i was frightened to death. had chest xrays, blood work, ivp and gallbladder ultrasound done which all came back normal.

last visit to my doctor - he disagnosed me with GERD because it was just his opinion from the beginning (he seemed to feel that my aches and pains where just something else or in my head i think)

but i do get this weird feeling going up thru my esophogus (it's not acidy though it's hard to explain the feeling). the acidy stomach problem i had dissapated after the attack i had and i only get a little bout of it once in awhile now.

what's really bothering me so much is that my mid back starts to ache and hurt badly after walking a distance or after physical activity and it's put a real damper on my lifestyle. I gave up riding my bike as well because when i got back home from it last x my low right side started aching. what does this have to do with GERD's is my question. it's really strange - any thoughts? :confused:

11-09-2006, 11:54 PM
Hi I can say that your symptoms is somehow leading to GERD. I have it and I am also having the same symptoms as you... specially the ache or tenderness in the right side right under the rib.. it moves from time to time... to the left or lower right side or the mid ... but the right side is the most often and constant one.. however my GI had me do an endoscopy first before he point it to GERD, I am thinking your doc should also do that 1st to rule out other possible diseases.

As for the pain... we know that GERD is due to an irritated esophagus... but it also affects other parts of the stomach... and is most often tag along with duodenal ulcers... duodenum is the part of the small intestines which is located in the right upper part.. behind the rib cage.. aside from my irritated eso... my GI also see though the endoscopy that that part of my intestine is also irritated thus casuing the pain... well that is as far as I know... hope it helps. :)

11-09-2006, 11:55 PM
Oh and the back pain and chest pain they said is also due to the irritated esophagus which tends to spasm every now and then...

11-11-2006, 07:21 AM
thanks for the reply chikkie14 - it's a very odd desease to say the least - right now i have a pain under my right rib cage to the right and one under my left rib cage to the left of it and sometimes i feel one in between my ribs. it affects me all over the place and like you said moves around - it's so strange. yes i would definitely like to get this confirmed with other test(s) because it's unsettling to say the least - all i can wonder is if it's something more serious like cancer or something that's being left untreated. i'm not sure whether to go back to my GI (my GI would tell me i'm just over worrying and perinoid) or go and get a 2nd opinion from another doctor, that's bothering me to.

BTW Do you find that you get pain/aching with physical activity? it seems to be what triggers mine off (in the mid-back area) but i'm not sure & do you get any relief from the symptons? nothing seems to do much for me - geez it's very annoying & i hate the thought of having to live like this, it's very unsettlling to say the least.

11-11-2006, 07:27 AM
also what is an endoscopy test and what was it like getting done?

11-12-2006, 11:14 PM
endoscopy is a cord like thing that has camera on the tip.. they wil insert it through you mouth to see your eso, tummy and upper part of the intestines.. by that they will know what really is going on inside you. Don't worry, it sounds scary but its not.. they will give you sedatives first before they go through with it.. it only last about 10-15mins and you will usually sleep though it... when you wake up its all done and they will give you food to eat. We really are on the same boat... I am worrying about cancers as well.. when my head aches I am worried I have brain cancer, when my lower ab aches, iI think its colon cancer, all types of cancer, I even worry about lupus! But then Ijust got tired of worrying, all my tests are clear and that is what I put to mind to keep me from worrying and besides my doc said I am only 25yres old, and thats kinda young to develop cancer. I just try and put my trust in him... ;)

I don't usually feel pain when I do physical things... actually, it relieves me of the pain... when I am busy I don't usually notice the ache.. and when my mind wanders to it.. thats when i feel it again... I think psychology also plays a big role in it. As for relief... I dont really Know what relieves me... the ache is constant... just maybe me not noticing it dulls it a bit.... the PPI I am taking somehow relieve the chest discomfort... but my abdominal pains is still here and its been 6 months now! But do try putting hot compress over your tummy that soothes it for me. :)

11-19-2006, 07:17 AM
Hi chikkie; i got to say i don't like the sound of that test - i'm a real ***** when it comes to get picked and poked at but i'll mention it to my doctor, like you said best to get this checked out further.

i'm slowly coming to the conclusion that it does seem like GERD but i'm not accepting it well as it's bothering me 24-7 most of the x and keeping me awake in the night's - i ate out last night and i noticed that it started bothering me after - it was a blessing in disquise in a way because it's the first time i related it to food so in a way i was comforted because i'm thinking that the diagnosis may be right but not comforted in knowing that this isn't a curable desease.

i'm going to look into alternative choices for this and see if something works as i hate depending on medication for it.

anyway best wishes to you chikkie and thanks for the replies:wave:

11-20-2006, 11:21 PM
Hi Melanie,

This sounds EXACTLY like what I had. Heartburn and pain right under the ribcage, especially after going out and eating fatty foods. Mexican food or cheesecake. Felt like I had liver cancer!! Scared the hell out of me until a Dr. Helped me figure it out, that almost took a year. But it turned out to be gallbladder pain, which is very difficult to diagnose because it permeates the whole right side and its not easy to see on a scan. Can't sleep except on my right side.

My cure was two-fold. 1. Increase my stomach acid with lemon juice/acid pills. This had an immediate affect on the pain. I take 1 shot with every meal. if its meal is big or greasy, I take 2 to 4 shots.

2. Non-surgical gallbladder treatment called "frequency specific microcurrent". It was much cheaper that surgery and actually cured my problem. Surgery may NOT stop the pain and you will definately still have digestive issues.

Here are some clues to gallbladder problems:
Poop comes out light tan, instead of dark brown. Rarely forms correctly. Almost immediate pain after eating fatty foods or large meals. Severe heartburn. Most of this happens AT THE SAME TIME.

Its VERY common for low stomach acid to cause gallbladder issues AND the most commen reason for heartburn is LOW STOMACH ACID, NOT HIGH!!.

Search the net for any information low stomach acid and you will find TONS of info about it.

Good LUCK!! remember, Lemon Juice cures gallbladder pain! PS my cure is not really a cure, its a continues lifestyle change. If you do have low stomach acid, it affects the entire GI tract and the liver.