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11-17-2006, 07:34 AM
I'm running out of options on what to do next. I originally went on PPI's for about 6 weeks. Went off them and after initial bad week reflux was down to a tolerable level(even throat got better). Ate big spaghetti dinner last week and it brought everything back. Nothing works to stop it(except antacids temp), my throat which had returned to normal is now sore, tongue and teeth are sore, mucus in throat etc. etc. I tried taking Apple cider vinegar but it seemed to make it worse but only tried it for one day. Here's what I'm going to try next:

1) Bought some digestive enzymes, will start taking them after each meal, see what happens.

If that doesnt' work I'm going to doctor to change my high blood pressure medicine. It supposedly isn't the kind that causes reflux (ACE inhibitor) but at this point I'll try anything. Will give the digestive enzymes 2 weeks to show any improvement. Then will switch HBP medicine for 2 months, see what that does.

I'll try anti-inflammatorys after that (yes I know their suppose to be bad for stomach but I remember taking a few some months back and noticing my reflux was gone, so you never know).

After that I guess it's back to H2's or PPI's even if they do give me horrible dreams and pains in my stomach unless somebody has any other idea's.

11-17-2006, 12:23 PM
Hi .... i have also suffered from reflux, on and off, for many years....and i too have wondered if it shouldn't be attributed to pills i was taking and looked for miracle cures........i noticed that you said you had a spagetti dinner which brought signs/symptoms back......is it possible that sauce is a trigger and you might be overlooking that?.....i have found that things have changed with my body as i grew older and that its the food we ingest that may be the culprit and that an adjustment has to be made.....i have had to give up chocolate, sauces, spicy foods, hi-fat foods, eating FAST is really bad and ESPECIALLY overeating......thats a killer for me......i think the key word is ACCEPTANCE that things have changed with our bodies and we need to be more careful of what we eat and not eating before lying down for at least 3hrs........it may very well be that its possible NOT to take Nexiums but on the other hand - i dont think the PPI's can overcome bad eating habits, smoking, etc.....mind you, i am not attributing your s/s to Nexium, bad eating habits, etc, i just don't know.......Oldman explains it very well - put in your body what is good and, by and large, we will be better for it.......as in computer science it may be just a matter of garbage in/garbage out......one last thing - i would begin to isolate foods and eat certain things and see how they react over time periods......

11-20-2006, 10:30 PM

I also noticed that spaghetti causes all kinds of problems, I have to take acid AND digestive enzymes for the sauce. I would try to eat smaller meals and try the vinegar with those smaller meals. OR try just lemon juice, its much easier to swallow. Digestive enzymes are huge for me especially with vegetables and milk.

Try somethiing easier to digest, like Salmon, trout, or a Tuna sandwich.