View Full Version : Just when you think...!

11-05-2002, 04:02 AM
I talked to my boss Monday... It seems that a student or two that I work with saw me zoning out last Friday, and in retrospect it could very well have been a petit mal seizure... Is it fate or coincidence that it occurred one week after I got 'back on the road' (a car)?

Anyway, I am putting two-and-two together... One- ONE of the last times that I had a seizure, I was minimizing fat and sugar in my diet (as I am now)... TWO- the last two weeks or so of sleep have seemed rather'inefficient' at best... I usually sleep seven hours minimum, now I am leaning to less, and noting a period of time DURING the sleep that I wake up, turn to the other side, go back to sleep (I would guess about every 15 minutes to half an hour?). This does NOT occur ALL NIGHT, but rather tends to occur in the middle or near the end (I go to bed around seven thirty to ten o'clock, wake up around three thirty or five). This 'toss and turn' occurs around one thirty to three. No feelings of exhaustion, no disorientation, so could it really be, or could it be a prelude to a gran mal coming up, say, next week?