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11-10-2002, 01:52 PM
This information was originally posted in response to questions two people asked me in my previous message titled, "Scream With Seizure". I have decided to post this seperately in the event that it might make it easier for others to find. I am grateful for the support those of you on this board offer to others.

Therefore, I am happy to provide information on what we are doing for our daughter, Joy, to manage her condition naturally vs. chemically. However, it must be understood by anyone who reads this that although it's working beautifully for her, that does not mean that it would work the same for someone else.

As a recap for anyone who might "cut and paste" this info elsewhere, Joy's seizures (gran mal) began when she was 14. She only has 3-4 a year and they only occur upon waking...within the first 10 minutes of being awake. They appear to be related to two main triggers...sleep deprivation and her hormonal cycle. One other trigger "suspect" is overstimulation which can occur in the form of high stress or high excitement.

She is not now nor has she ever been on seizure medication. Her neuro had prescribed Lamictral. After researching the potential side effects of the drug we decided that the potential benefits did not outweigh the potential risks, therefore, we opted to attempt to manage her condition naturally. Thus far, things have been going well. Joy is now 17.

With all that said...here's what we do...

She takes a packet each day that contains a number of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements (including soy) designed specifically to support the needs of the female body and keep it in balance. This is just a generic, basic health type vitamin/mineral pack that any woman might choose to use, epileptic or not.

She takes a fiber product each day as well as an Aloe Vera capsule to keep her instestinal system operating properly.

She takes one capsule a day of Gotu Kola (370 mg):
2 Lecithin capsules made from soybeans (1040 mg);
3 capsules/day of Essential Fatty Acids (contains flax seed oil, borage seed oil, black currant seed oil and evening primrose seed oil)...EFAs are hormonal precursors;
She takes 1 capsule/day of a vitamin/herbal combination called Stress Aid that combines Vitamin C some of the B complex vitamins as well as thiamin and folic acid as well as the following herbs...Hops, Scullcap, Valerian Root,Kava Kava and Schzindra Fruit...all of this is in one capsule;
She takes a calcium/magnesium supplement that provides her with 1000 mg of calcium and 400 mg of magnesium daily;
She takes 1 tablet daily of spirulina plantensis (675 mg)called Chloroplasma which serves as support for her immune system.
She takes 2 wild yam capsules daily to further assist with hormonal balance as we suspect she may be estrogen dominant.

Upon waking each morning, she drinks a glass of water before getting out of bed. Stays in bed a few minutes to become fully awake and then gets up and eats breakfast right away.

Yes...Joy has gone to the chiropractor on many occasions. He currently has her taking a homeopathic to remove mercury from her system as she tested at an elevated level. Although she has no mercury fillings in her mouth, in her early years she received some initial vaccinations which, as most of us know, can create a mercury build up in some people's bodies. He has found some instances of high mercury levels in seizure patients. She has only just begun this process so it's a little too early for us to tell what it's impact will be.

We have Joy adjusted periodically. As to the cause of her seizures...who knows. Our best guess is a hormonal imbalance, however, I can't help but wonder if she didn't receive some type of damage whe she was born. She had a very difficult delivery. The doctor couldn't pull her out of the birth canal, attempted to use the suction cup approach....that didn't work, had to finally resort to forceps delivery as we were losing her. I can't prove that there is a connection there, but I certainly have my suspicions.

Last, but not least, Joy has to closely monitor her sleep. She has to get 8 hours a night and it needs to be in a somewhat regular pattern, i.e., going to bed at about the same time each night and getting up at about the same time each morning.

Joy's health team has consisted of her pediatrician, a neuro (whom we no longer see), several master herbalists whom we have known and trusted for years as well as her chiropractor.

I hope by sharing this information that it can be of benefit to someone else. We, just like everyone else, take this one day at a time and hope for the best.


Rebecca's Mom
11-10-2002, 05:00 PM
Hi and thank you for the information. It is definitely valuable information for all of us to include in our list of potential possibilities...it is always a search when dealing with the unknown.....kind regards from Paula