View Full Version : Question for Danamae25 (and anyone else too!!!)

01-07-2003, 11:44 AM
Hi - I read a response you wrote to someone elses post. You wrote about 'daydream' epilepsy where you 'zone out' for a while. I have been fighting Grand mals all my childhood and they mysteriously went away - but in their place - left me with hundreds per day of these 'episodes'. I don't fall down - but I can't 'see' or anything - and sometimes I talk nonesense, or get very scared or just stare and stare or sometimes I organize paper until perfectly straight little lines. My friends will say "KAITIE" over and over again (apparently) and then I'll SLOWLY respond a while later. They say "You were ZONING again..." and I'll be like CRAP!

Can you explain your situation more - or can anyone with similar situation explain it.

My new form of E is a secret - no one knows. I need advice - was taking new meds worth the sacrifice of free-living (in a sense). I'm scared to go through with all this again.

What meds are you on? Are they working? How did you approach the doctor???


01-08-2003, 12:20 PM
Could it be absence seizures maybe? Can anyone describe their seizures so I can compare - I must get to the bottom of this - I'm 'missing' so much of every day!


01-08-2003, 03:56 PM
I have the same type of Epilepsy....just been recently diagnosed but have had the symptoms and spells for about 5 years now. I also stare into space and relate to you very well when you say that people are always trying to get your attention. Its embarrassing I know. I also have memory problems which is also quite frustrating. I have been put on Trileptal and it seems to be helping me alot. Not having nearly as many spells and not many side effects at all. But the Doc will decide whats right for you. I'm also sleeping better now...before I would have a hard time falling asleep due to the feelings I would get. I definately would suggest you go see a Doc about this. I waited a long time...and then I started having spells where I actually fell and hurt myself and almost hurt my baby cuz he was in my arms. So dont wait until something happens to you... OK?? Take care and good luck to you!!