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01-12-2003, 06:32 AM
Hi ,
I have been sick awhile and fed up.
I am a bit confused i have been getting headaches and migraines daily for a while now. I also get like head rushes of lighheadness, heavy feeling get visual disturbance hard to explain went to a nero and I had a eeg slightly abnormal then went for a mri they say they are ruling it as atypical migraines with some white matter found and rule out lyme,lupus which was done.i have come up with positive anticardiolipin syndrome without ever having clotswent to a rheumataologist she sent me to hematologist which will do nothing cause i never had a clot before then neuro sent me to local hospital to see another neurologist who kinda specializes in seizures took another eeg she stated it shows seizures but i never had 1 cause of this they will not rule it as epilisy but wants me to take topamax which i am skeptical on also just been diagnosed with sinusitis but waiting to get the proper antibiotics from doc on monday. Could this be a form of seizure? I am not a pill person.I am scared cause coming back positive on everything but not getting what i am positive on like clots, & seizures
I dont want to just sit back I think there is more to do but dont know what and is this all related?
i am actually also going for to a sleep apnea center tomorrow and then second half of test in feb dont know where to go or what to do
amy help or advice would be great
thanks donna

01-12-2003, 07:08 PM
I don't know much about your situation (SORRY). But seizures do come inmany differant ways. They aren't always the jerking (grandmals) you see in TV. You can have many differant seizures.
I do know Topamax is a treatment for both Migarines and Seizures. I would look more into this drug (topamax) before you let them give this to you.... I would corner them into "If you don't know what it is...how can u treat me?" I was in a study for Topamax... I had some slight memory loss (but I have noticed that is with ALOT of seizure meds.) And it worked wonders for me for 18 months. After that I was forgetting both short and long term memory. So much so I had to stop and really think about my next word (I forgot what I was saying and/or forgot just how to say the word).
Check out all your options don't let them treat you for a condition you don't have.
Good Luck !!