View Full Version : hi gang!

01-28-2003, 08:14 AM
i am just so pleased i have been really alright since last year, and very much ok onto the shift of the new tablets keppra..i honestly think i am cured! but i ain't i know.
still don't understand why they do let you drive 1 year on....when i am known to have seizures, i have never had an absense since may! which is very unusual, i get to high about the whole situation, but don't want to get over excited and have a seizure through excitement! just can't wait to have my own independence. i feel like a big kid with a new toy! shouldn't build my hopes up you say! huh? and your right!
why let me drive then....i could still have a seizure a year after being ok! doesn't mean to say i stop having them, the meds seem to be stabilizing better, i am on the comp alot and maybe find this is not the best thing, uch i don't know lets see what he says in a fortnight.
just a big kid just now