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01-20-2007, 02:27 PM
I am very SCARED for my older sister. I know that she has been taking Percocet for at least 2 years for a pain disorder. I moved from a different state about a year ago and have noticed major changes in her. She has turned into a totally different person in the last year.
What worries me the most is that most of our family lives in other states. And she has been able to hide EVERYTHING from everyone.
Since I have been out here, I have wacthed her do thinks that I think are very bad. Not just for her but for everyone around her. She has give her pills to teenagers so that they would get weed and who knows what else for her. I have watched her do cocaine for a week straight. She has said horrible things to myself, my husband and my kids.
I know that I am not explaining any of this very well, but I'm not sure what to do or how to help her. She is just sooo off the wall on her thinking!
I guess what I need is to know what kind of side effects there are, how to talk to the rest of my family about it and not have them think that I am lying about it. She is very good at making it seem like there is nothing wrong with her. I am bio polar and she tells my mom that every problem that is going on out here is because of that. And because she has been able to hide what she is doing for so long, my mom tends to believe her.
And it doesn't help that my sister is a nurse (retired) and doesn't feel that there is a problem with taking Percocet. And justifies everything that she does by using her illness as an excuse for taking the drug to begin with.
I just want my sister to get help. She has a teenager at home and I am afraid that her actions are either going to land her in jail. Or even worse, in a coffin.
If anyone out there can give me some advise on how to handle this problem, PLEASE I am begging for help. I love my sister very much and just want her to get help.
I feel very alone in dealing with all of this.

01-20-2007, 07:11 PM

You are a good sister to have so much concern for your sister. I do believe you are exactly right about her use of drugs being inappropriate and misguided.

While I was using for an illness and chronic pain, I kept asking the oncologist if I was going to end up in The Betty Ford Clinic. I always had some fear of using the percocet, but also hated the pain. He kept ressuring me that some people have to use them for life and that as long as I was being monitored, all would be okay. Whenever my family doctor expressed some concern, I would get defensive and tell him that the oncologist and I had talked and that there was no reason for me to be in pain. And I functioned very well on the meds. I was a hard, faithful worker for some years. I accepted that I was dependent on them, but did not understand the fine line between dependent and addiction.

My tolerance built, as it will for everyone who uses opiate regularly and eventually I was switched from Percocet to straight oxycodone so that I wouldn't take in too much Tylenol. ( Ironic, huh??)

It took me having a total collapse in depression and total inability to function anymore that finally brought me to my knees. Now I am tapering from the opiate.

You ask what you can do to help your sister? I am not sure. I could not recognize I needed help until it was too late. Too late in the sense that I went into full depression and could not function normally anymore.

I do remember, however, that a good friend at work came out and told me that I was not the same anymore after changing meds. She said it kindly, but honestly. She said I did not laugh the way I used to and that I reacted differently to situations. That I got angry where once I would have laughed the same thing off. It made me a little more aware that "maybe" I WAS having a problem.

I really think that the only way you can help your sister is to let her know in kindness the changes you notice in her. Expect her to be defensive, even angry. But perhaps you can at least plant the seed. Ultimately, she has to recognize the truths as real herslf. You can not make her. You can only plant the seed and then pray that she recognizes her problem.

I know this must all be so distressing to you. I am sorry. It is such a difficult situation and I regret that I am the one that causes my family to watch me go through the withdrawal process now.

Wishing you well


01-20-2007, 07:45 PM
Hi girl!~
Im only about an hour and a half from you. so you have a friend here, ok? How old is your sister, ect?
I need to get my kids ready for bed, but Ill check in later or in the morning. Please dont feel that you are alone. I feel bad that you have to bear the brunt of knowing whats shes doing...And her giving the kids narcs is only going to add more jail time to her. You are an amazing sister to post here and to care.
I just wanted you to know that I read your post, and I have 3 lil kiddies to get to bed, but Ill be here if you need anything. And it may take a bit to respond, but there are SO MANY amazing ppl here that will help and support you, so dont give up. And whay=t a shame that she is using her profession, edt to put you against your family. since he is a nurse she is using that to say them, and it is terrible. and you THINK she is addicted? You are an amazing lady to try to help your sister, and I wanted you to know that.
Heres to hoping you can get some rest tonite, and not feel alone, ok?
IZZY'SMOM:wave: :wave: :angel: :angel: :angel: