View Full Version : High LDL low hDl

02-11-2007, 07:33 PM
Hey everybody, how's everyone doing?

I just got a full blood workup and I was wondering if I could get some insight into how I can change my diet.

Here are my results for my LipoProfile:

LDL-P It was high coming in at 1687 nmo1/L and it's supposed to be <1000

The Small LDL-P is coming in as high at 1217 nmol/L and it should be <600

My Total Cholesterol is 186 and my LDL-C is high at 144 and my HDL is 32

Now having said that My trigyclerides are at 50 and it should be less than 150.

I am confused because my tri's are very low which is good. I work out atleast three to four times a week. Ie. Football, basketball, Excercise Bike.

Good EKG/ resting pulse is 50.

Everything else is perfect. I am 44 and really don't want to go on any Meds. Have a history in the family of cholesterol but both parents are only on lowering medication for 10 years.

I eat very well, but I feel that I could do better and plan to retake the test in a month. I am eating a lot more oatmeal and have cut out redmeat completely along with other things that I like to eat.

does anybody have any more suggestions and i was wondering if somebody could comment on my overall test results.

thanks again.