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08-11-2002, 12:53 PM
im 13 years old and im looking to see if anybody knows of a really good full body workout routine that u can do at home with no exercise machines i am 5"2 and weigh 107 also what kinds of foods can help u burn fat please give ex cause i dont understand all those biiggg words u be usen oh ya does any one know of an exercise 4 ur inner thighs? thanx!

08-11-2002, 10:59 PM
Hi! 1st may I suggest that at 5'2 and 107lbs is a wonderful weight to be at! At your age kids (and I was one of them) are so wrapped up in "body image" they don't take the time to see themselves as they really are. I remember when I was 15 I was sooooo embarrassed about my upper thighs I never wanted to wear shorts. I thought they were huge. It didn't matter that I received compliments on the very things I hated (sometimes from men in cars whistling and actually shouting "NICE LEGS") Well guess what? I now see pictures of myself in shorts at that very age and want to smack me. They were nice legs and I'm proud to say they still are. I could kick myself for not feeling more confidant and at home in my own skin. As I have gotten older it takes more work to maintain those nice legs by working out and keeping good eating habits (am 32 now) but ya know what? I do my share of head turning when I'm all dressed up! :D Hehe! I strongly believe we are our own worst enemy. We should be building ourselves up not tearing us down. You should become your own greatest fan! You are your own private cheerleader. Do not feel insecure over imagined flaws. Rather accept yourself the way you are. when you do that your whole life will change. It took me 32yrs to figure that out and I know it's easier said then done but you CAN do it if you want to. I stand naked in front of the mirror everyday and say to myself "well this is me take me or leave me. I'm doing the best I can" Once I did that I began to love the little flaws that make me me :) So what if I am not perfect! Neither is anyone else! Hold your head up high and don't be afraid to love yourself, your perfections, your accomplishments and yes, even your flaws!!!!! O-KAY I now step down from my soap box and give the floor to someone else :D Any takers?!?