View Full Version : Weird Pain?

04-11-2007, 03:15 PM
Last friday I drank a diet dr and afterward I started having pelvic pain and back pain. The next day I went to the urgent care clinic and got an antibiotic. It didnt help so on tuesday I went to the dr. and she wants me to have a CT of my stomach. She thinks its either my kidneys or appendix.

It hurts in the lower part of my abdomen and back, bother lower and mid part of my back. All the pain is on the right side. I am so freaking just tired of all the illnesses and thank GOD I have an awesome job that understands. Anyone ever had this? Or has anyone ever heard of this?

Then when I was taking a shower i bent over to get the towel and there was this pinching feeling right below my belly button. And a minute a go i pressed on it and it hurt. Im not sure whats going on.