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04-18-2007, 06:25 PM
My boyfriend is addicted to percocet. He has been using them for a while now but however, recently has gone through some events that hasn't helped him stop or calm down on how much he uses. He lost his older brother in December and after that, he got pretty bad. Bad enough that it seemed as though some days he was a different person. And I didn't like that person. He was rude, crude, and just acting so annoyingly. We would go out or over a friends house and he would get somewhat rough, grabbing my waist or face (not in a mean way, but just almost like he didn't realize that the way he wasn't the romantic way, or even kinky if you want to say, that sometimes he would do when he wasn't a different person and he didn't realize that it kinda hurt a little bit too). I have told him that I don't like when he acts like that.
I went away to Florida for 2 weeks and he was depressed for several reasons while I was away. He also decided to try and quit because he felt like a scumb bag, not even being able to get out of bed without doing a line...And at this point I didn't even know it was as bad as it was. Since I've been back from Florida, he has cut down from over half as much that he use to do...And he hasn't been that different person that I don't like since he has cut down.
His parents have a "family get together" of all his brothers close friends so they don't loose contact with the family and they kinda have like a bbq with everybody. This last one however, which was April 10th, one of his brothers friends brought over the wedding video where my boyfriends brother was the best man. As we all sat around and watched it, as soon as the brother gave his speech at the reception, my boyfriend and his mom got upset. My boyfriend ended going to bed upset and I went home that night so he could sleep (I think I move too much and wake him up during the night). But the next day I went over and his mother told me how he had decided that he might need to go away to rehab, which is something that we had recently talked about so it was no surprise to me.
I'm trying to be supportive throughout this whole thing, but its so hard. we've been doing tons of research to help find ways for him to detox at home cause he has decided that he does not want to go to rehab for several reasons, mostly not health insurance because he is not a full time student. He has also come up with a plan to ween himself off the percocets where I keep the drugs so he does not get tempted to have just a little more. He has set that starting this Friday, he is only allowed to have 2 quarters of a 30mg pill. And that has to last him the entire day. The other rule is that he can not snort the pills, he has to chew them or swallow them, whatever it is... He's allowed to snort a quarter of a 10mg pill per day because he is physically addicted to the whole process of grinding the pills and snorting them.
I have not really dealt with any drugs before. I have only smoked pot 3 times in my entire life and it didn't affect me and I didn't like it. My sister smokes occasionally but knows I don't like it so she doesn't tell me. I never thought I would have to deal with something like this let alone that my boyfriend of all people hid this from me for so long...We would be together every day and he told me he would sneak all over to do it so I didn't catch on. And I didn't. And this past week to week and a half, I have actually seen him do it infront of me because he's tired of hiding it. I don't want to come down on him because I don't want him to feel that he has to hide if from me, but some suggestions on maybe how I can deal with it and also how other people detoxed so I can show him other peoples different methods that may be able to help him...I know everybody is different and everyone deals with things differently. But he can't do it cold turkey. When he does that he gets immense leg pains and is in the shower literally every 10 minutes for at least 15 minutes. He also has no ambition, doesn't like to be touched, or even sometimes doesn't even want to call me, but he does cause he doesn't want me to feel like he's pushing me away. But then I'll go over there and he can't sleep, can't eat, is completely miserable, he doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin. He feels like he can't get comfortable wearing any clothing and even when he's not, he still feels uncomfortable...Please help me. Any suggestions for him or myself would really help. Thank you...

04-18-2007, 06:28 PM
how old is he?

04-18-2007, 06:34 PM
He's 20...And I'm pretty sure he's been on them for over a year...but we have only been officially going out for around 5 months...And he hid that he did it every day from me up until 2 weeks at the most...

04-18-2007, 06:46 PM
LIsten to me..my son is his age and was addicted to opiates.. if he does not want to help himself you cannot do anything for him..and everyone will tell you the same thing. just because he has no insurance does not mean he cant go into a re-hab..do a search on rehabs, call everyone of them. if that doesnt work do a search on n.a. meetings in your area..believe me they are all over the place. help him as much as you can but the rest is up to him..what about his parents? tell them so they can help him!