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04-29-2007, 08:14 PM
I got in a car accident today, and there were some complications, so i couldnt go to the hospital to go get checked. my seatbelt was very tight, and the impact was hard. I now have a big pain on my left breast, and a bruise on it, is there any chances of me getting breast cancer or any other hazards i should be aware of????

04-29-2007, 09:14 PM
No you can't get breast cancer from a car accident.

However, I don't doubt you have major bruising. If you are really uncomfortable I would head to your dr. tomorrow and have it checked out in case you did something to your ribs.

04-30-2007, 06:58 AM
PP is right.at the very least you need a full evaluation for any possible injuries.you do have what is called a 'deceleration injury"from the constriction of the seatbelt.this is very common with people who actually take the time to use the seatbelt(big congrats for using it really) and it keeps you from actually going thru the windshield.the seatbelt and just the force that is placed onto it while it holds you in place is pretty strong.where was the lap belt,actually on your lap or was it further up like most people wear it?if this was not actually on your lap,you most definitely need to have the lower abdomen palpated by your doc.this alone can also cause injury.believe me,in my old line of work isaw the big differences in people who wore seatbelts and those who didn't.it was a HUGE difference in the level of injury.i never had to cut a seatbelt of a deceased person.

which side of your chest was injured?depending on which side of the car you were on would dictate that.there are organs under areas of the chest that could have taken alot of compressive force,this is also a good reason for the eval,just to be certain nothing under the ribcage was hit by a rebound injury.this is an injury caused by the comprssion of the ribcage which pushes on organs then bounces back into place again.no damage gets done to the actual ribcage itself,but certain areas underneath it can be hit and no one really knows because it 'looks' okay(nothing broken?).i really would just either see your doc today if possible or even go to your local ER just to have that eval and maybe a CT or MRI done on your chest,just to make certain that everything under the chest wall is doing okay.and if you are having any level of pain or uncomfortableness in the lower or mid abdomen and you did have that lap belt up a little too high,this also needs checking into too.

the thing about traumatic types of injuries is alot of actual signs and symptoms will not actually show themselves right away.you may not even feel any pain with an actual real injury because your body goes into shock.shock can take awhile in some people just to actually dissapate away.you just really need a full eval to make certain everything is okay.your body went thru a great trauma.you have to keep that in mind and just really take steps to make sure you are okay inside and out.i wish you luck. please keep us posted on how things are going.you cannot get breast cancer from trauma to the tissue.it would take much more than that,plus a predisposistion for it.**

05-05-2007, 02:37 PM
Thanks so much for the info.. i think it was just a fright, i have bruises on my left breast, but besides that i think everything is ok. the pain went away by the next day, so i did not go to the doctor. thanks for the info!

05-05-2007, 06:08 PM
Glad you are feeling better.