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05-02-2007, 12:57 PM
This is long but it is all necesary to ask what Im asking so bear with me...

I just got over a bout of strep about a week and a half ago and it finally went away all together this weekend, about 5-6 days after I stopped experiencing a sore throat. (no more tender glands or feeling like something was lodged in my throat that didnt at all effect breathing or swallowing. Weird feeling right?) . I generally never get sick so when I had a sever sore throat for a few days it startled me a little and then even more when I had an allergic rash reaction to the antibiodic Cephalehexin (a penicllin derivitive which I think I am allergic to). That having been said, I kind of began to get a feeling something was seriously wrong with me. I work in a supermarket where I am standing a lot and Sunday felt an odd sensation part of the time I was working. Lightheaded may be the best way to describe it but I didn't feel faint and I didn't loose concentration or awareness whatsoever. Then tuesday on my way to work I was stung by a yellow jacket or wasp and it began to minorly swell and get red. I can probably count the number of times I recall being stung so I didn't know what to expect and narotically I feared being allergic. I figured I wasn't when the sting got smaller as time wore on and I felt no symptoms. But about 2 hours after being stung I began to feel like I had difficulty breathing- I was incapable of taking a deep breath. My chest tightened and I felt my heart racing though not pounding and I was shaking though not visibly. I figured I could calm down on my break and I couldn't in fact I felt worse when I got back. I began to become extremeley nervous. The whole episode lasted for roughly 40 to 50 minutes with some points being more difficult than others. However I never made it visible to customers I was having great difficulty. Then suddenly I felt like I could breath easily again and my chest lossened and I was able to relax.

So I am wondering: was that episode probably a minor panic attack?
Also, when I think about it I sometimes regain that "weird sensation" of dizziness though it doesn't at all effect my daily activities. I also get nervous about a decreased appetite and wake up feeling hungry and feeling that thinking about food disguts me all in the span of my morning shower. Does this sound like I just have anxiety? Help is appreciated.

05-02-2007, 01:11 PM
That definetly sounds like a panic attack. Usually panic attacks happen after you've had an illness. I think just the thought of being ill sets them off.
But for some reason they happen after illness. The dizzyness or out of it
feeling is part of the attack. And the more you try to calm yourself down the worse it gets. That's your mind doing that to you. There are many signs of panic attacks. Severe sweating, stomach problems, diahrea, sleeplessness or too much sleep, no appetite, nausua and of course all that dizzyness. Try to talk yourself out of this. It is very hard but try anyway. You may want to see your doctor and maybe he can prescribe some Xanax to calm you when this happens. I've had this problem and now my kids do. They are young adults and all 3 can talk themselves out of it. Remember, panic attacts do not kill you and you will be fine. Take care, Linda