View Full Version : Foot or hand falls asleep everynight: Is it carpal and tarsul tunnel?

05-03-2007, 06:13 PM
I'm 27 male hispanic. I'm skinny .. really skinny boned, i look like the people who have Marfan's syndrome but i don't have that.

So heres the problem:
I know i may have carpal tunnel syndrome in the hands. had it since long. But it's happening everynight with the foot too.

Do i have bad circultation? or can it be tarsal tunnel syndrome?
The foot that always gets the numbness is my bigger foot( i have one slightly bigger than the other). That foot is also the one i use most and that I favor because it's the strongest leg and i have knee injury in the other leg so i favor this leg.

Lately the dentist , after telling him thta i have unexplained toe bone pain( in the otther foot not the big foot, told me that i should get checked for diabetes or have some kind of bllood test.

Does this sound like it could be bad circulation?

these week its been happening multiple times at night.. so i can't even sleep.. i wake up and can't move my foot so i have to shake it.. then go back to sleep , get up cause i have it again . etc etc. Yesterday night i had it like 3 or 4 times.

At day time i'm fine,, except i notice the same foot( big foot) falls asleep when i sit in the toilet for a long time. mmm... i'm beginning to think it is something with the circulation. any advice?

I eat well and exercise but if it is a hereditary disease or an abnormal thing then i guess it's just something i have to deal with and need help

05-04-2007, 04:07 AM
Contrary to popular belief, numbness and tingling has nothing to do with circulation. It has to do with nerves. And just because your hands and/or feet fall "asleep" doesn't necessarily mean you have carpal or tarsal tunnel syndrome.

That being said, it wouldn't harm you to have it checked out by a doctor- you could indeed have carpal tunnel, or you could have some sciatica (that's what causes my foot tinglies).

Good luck.