View Full Version : Inflamed scar after mole removal with bloodroot

05-03-2007, 06:32 PM
I used bloodroot salve to remove one of my moles that was itchy. It seemed that the itch was coming from underneath the mole, and skin around the mole was also itchy. I put cansema on it and after a while there was puss there, but echar didn't fall out as it should have. It looked like the mole is gone, as it was quite small 3mm wide maybe, but several weeks later there was an itchy pink scar there. After having a shower it was soft and when I squeezed it, see through fluid came out. I am not really prone to keloid scars and have removed other moles same way, this is the first time I had this problem...
I feel like a ful, but I hate going to doctors. Any thoughts...
I would appreciate any feedback or similar stories...

05-04-2007, 08:14 AM
The only advice I would have is that any mole removal should be done by a derm or doctor. Attempting to remove them on your own is risky I would think. You have the right to have them removed by your doctor even if it is just for cosmetic reasons. But it would not hurt to have the doctor look at it. If it was abnormal or even melanoma, you will never know if it isn't biopsied and/or watched.