View Full Version : Removal of moles: urine therapy (injection)

05-04-2007, 03:45 AM
Alright, ive read alot about mole removal on the boards here, and have decided to have a crack at urine therapy. Im only one day in, and cant say whether or not it works, but there seems to be somthing happening.

My question is, that if i find my own urine can somehow remove my moles, that instead of tapping a piece of urine soaked cotton to the mole all day, then why dont i inject the mole with my own urine. I figure it would quicken the whole process up.

See now im not an idiot tho, and i want to make sure that injecting myself with urine wont kill me. Im not going to put it directly into the bloodstream or nething, not even deep beneath the skin, just into the mole itself.

So now, are there any major risks (ive heard urine is rather clean) to this sort of injecting, assuming i take care with how i do it.

I dont really mind if u tell me it wont work at all, im tempted to try, and if it reasonably safe, i will.

Thanks,in advance, for the feed back

05-04-2007, 08:11 AM
I don't know anything about that. Why don't you go to a derm and get them removed safely? It is your right to have them removed even if it is for cosmetic reasons.