View Full Version : Any help pls?

05-10-2007, 05:53 AM
I have recently posted about pains in my legs, but now i have some other issues.

Besides these pains in my legs, i have intermittent stomach ache, with no diarreoh. I feel incredible tired and worn out. I had an ana****ic about 14 days ago for a minor procedure and was wondering if that was why im feeling so tired. although its a long way back now. I had blood tests done proir to my op too. They were all fine as the Doctor didnt mention anything.

My Hubby just got over a nasty sinusy type virus, maybe i got something like that but with no sinus probs. I just feel like my arms and legs ache, i feel like i have no energy, and im not sleeping too well either.

sorry to be vague but its all i seem to be able to interpret.