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05-26-2007, 09:11 AM

I've heard of polio, but don't know much about it. I'd love it if someone could tell me what it is, and what it's like to live with Polio.

Thanks! Have a nice weekend.

05-26-2007, 11:23 AM
Poliomyelitis is a viral infectious disease that attacks the central nervous system. It can be fatal, and until the 1950s was a real scourge. Many children caught it and lots died and many more became paralysed (it was also called infantile paralysis) and were left with wasted legs and arms, and even paralysed lungs. I have friends who had it as children. Dr Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine and I can remember being lined up at school to get the shot :eek: . It is almost unknown now, but it has been found over the past few years that people who had polio can suffer from post-polio syndrome.

Janet W.
05-27-2007, 09:12 AM

Yes, Polio reached epidemics back in the 40's and 50's. There were 3 kinds of the virus you could contract- Paralytic, Non-Paralytic and Bulbar. Alot of children that had Bulbar died from the Bulbar Polio.

Polio is still around do not be fooled- it is not totally eradicated - there have been some small cases yet in the US. We need to make sure ALL children are vaccinated for Polio. At one time it was called the 'Dread Disease'.

I had paralytic polio at the age of 4 and now have PPS which is caused by the damage that Polio left. Not everyone that had Polio will get PPS but they are still doing research. It is so frustrating to find a doctor who knows about Polio and the after affects- since Polio was thought to be a thing of the past... Funny how history can repeat itself.

Everyone that I have contact with that had Polio and have PPS- well they are like family- and understand everything we went through and now are facing.

Alot of children had to be put in institutions and were treated pretty bad. I was luckier. some of the stories I have read and biographies would break your heart.

All I remember, is you got Polio - pushed yourself to be normal and went on with your life...
Hugs Janet:)

05-29-2007, 05:10 PM
Thank you both for the information! I really appreciate it!

I hope you feel better soon. Keep fighting! :)