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06-05-2007, 02:56 AM
will about a year ago i found out that i have low t.i started androgel things seemed better but i started to have testicular atrophy. so i have stoped useing the androgel for about 3 months becuse i wanted to get some more test done and have learnd a lot more about this dr did not tell me much and i had a lot of thing going on in my life sick,strested so on and on.so now im going to set up appointment with a endocrinolgist and i want to get these test done o yea the hypponadism is in the the testis.ualtra sound of testis to make sure that thay are ok and the tests that i was going to ask for is tolal testosterone,bioavailable testosterone,SHBG,DHT,ESTRADIOL,LH,FSH,P ROLACTIN,CORTISOL,THYROID PANAL,CBC,comprehensive metabolic panel ,lipid profile and the nomal blood test. ive read hcg for the atrophy i fell like i could be kicked in the balls and it would not hurt like it would have before the androgel (not to happy about this).did not know that the androgel could do this dr did say thing about it.hopeing to hear form some of you that have been on trt.i am 31 not in bad shape .i did not start haveing sexual probelms till i was 27 very sexual before all of this .i did have pain in my left testicul before the androgel and do have a cysts on it .any info or ?? would be great.jinl if you read this was wondering how the hcg was working for you and the trt.thank you for any help 421

06-05-2007, 03:02 PM
You have learned a lot and the blood tests you want to have sound like the right ones. I also was on androgel from a doctor who said nothing about the atrophy but I was on it for 4 years before I stopped it. I am now on HCG and T cyp injections. My testicles are larger on the HCG then they were and also firmer but they can no longer produce enough T for me by themselves which is why I take the T cyp also. It's possible after 1 year on androgel (or 9 months) yours may be fine if you start HCG. You may find HCG is all you need. Why do you say your problem is in your testicles? Do you have any tests to confirm that. At your age that would be quite rare.

06-06-2007, 01:57 AM
thanks for your reply hayfarmer. the tests that i have done so far is free-t LH and fsh and was told that my FSH&llh are fine and that the problem was with my testis but im not sure i was real sick(digesive) at the time and takeing enzte and agerr-max (GMC sulmppment) at the time and takeing anboictis when i was taking the test. i've heard that this could throw the the test off.so im not for sure.thats part of why i would like to get some more tests done so i can get this figruad out.i'de like to get my life back agin.i miss feeling the want of a woman.i have read that some men like the t cyp better than the androgel did you see much of a diffrents?i"ve learnd alot about hcg and i realy plan on letting the dr know that i dont plan on going with trt with out hcg. it would be nice if i could just use the hcg !the atrophy has realy freaked me out im hopeing that this can be fixed.i did not noitce this untill my dr jumped from 5g to 10g he did not do any testing after that and he should have.i did not know what was cuseing the atrophy thought that it might be drinking but now i know.how long have you been useing the hcg and long did it take for your testis start to work right and the size to come back???what about hmg?i did have epididymitis around the time that i started to have these problems i dont know for sure but thats what the dr thought. mabe that's what started this?im glad to hear from some that has been dealing with this i need all of the info that i can get.im glad that thare are some guy's out thare helping some of us looking for anwsers i do thank you .i have read some of your outher poststhanks agin 421

06-06-2007, 06:37 PM
It took just a few months for my testicles to regain size and become more firm. They have not gotten back to their original size though and they do not make enough T even with the HCG. Thats why I also take T cyp. I do like the T cyp better than androgel. I have ED less often than when on androgel. HMG is very expensive and is usually more for trying to produce sperm although I have read it can have dramatic effects on testicle size.

But, if your testicles are not responding to LH they are not going to respond to HCG either most likely. I don't believe your testicles are your problem, or were your problem. LH should have been high while T was low if it were your testicles. If you do take HCG make sure only to take small doses, no more than 500 iu per day. THe smaller the dose the better because the testicles can become desensitized to it at too large of a dose and then your testicles really will stop working. A good starting point is 300 iu three times a week. Then adjust dose up or down depending on blood test results.

06-08-2007, 12:26 AM
thanks agin!you dont want to take to much hcg becuse it will raise the LH to high?to much T will shut down the LH from something like androgel?i should be getting my old tests from my dr before i go see the endocrinologist did you have any more test than the ones that i listed? not sure what my LH&FSH was when i got the test but i will find out.i do know that my T was 211 and when i was on the 5g androgel it was 371.do you think that my e2 was low since i lost wieght?421

06-08-2007, 04:54 PM
The tests you listed are the important ones to start with in my opinion. You might add Vit D to the list since if low it can cause low T.

The way it works is that HCG is almost identical to LH. You take HCG when your pituitary gland is not making enough LH. This can be because you have some disease that causes it or because you are taking externally supplied T (like androgel) or both at the same time. HCG does not make more LH, it replaces LH because it is so similar to it. Anyway, if you take too much HCG you testicles can become desenstized to both it and LH and then they will for the most part stop working. Think of it this way. If you turn your stereo way too loud then it will drive you speakers too hard and your speakers will blow out and they will sound fuzzy after that. The same with the testicles. If you drive them way too hard with HCG they will stop working. So the lower the dose the better. I mention this all becaue many doctors want to use thousands of IU's per injection and that is not a good thing.

06-10-2007, 04:44 PM
hayfarmer,thank for the heads up on the vid d .ill of the help that i can get is great.i was reading the post (blood work) i have high triglycerides to i've had them for at least 14 years i've just started to learning that it could be a thyroid problem.that is part of the reason that i want to get some more testing done.my dr did not say much about them he just told me to cut back on the greasy foods?thay are around 250.i have read that drinking to much can raise them to which i do.when i frist started to have problem with ed he said that it was in my head.the outher problems that i've been haveing is that my hair has thinned im not balding i did have thick hair before this and digestive problems been trying to work on finding out what is going on with me .it has kind of been hard since i have'nt been on the trt i did fill a lot more like my self .so i hope that i can get things back some what to what thay use to be .i hope that your trt is working out for you.do you think that the idea is to go to a endo? dont know if you farm but i know that it's hard work i have had to work hard my hole life .421

06-10-2007, 04:51 PM
forgot one more?is thare a site that after i get my blood work done i can check my results?i do smoke but i have been doing this for about a year i know that this is realy dum since i have ed .

06-10-2007, 08:42 PM
I do farm but only on the side. I have 10 acres I farm as hay which is why I picked that name. Even that small amount is a lot of work and makes me appreciate real farmers and what they do. I am an engineer otherwise.

My understanding of the relationship between hypothyroidism and high triglycerides is that if your T3 is too low (T3 is a hormone the thyroid secretes) then it can make it more difficult for your cells to absorb sugar even in the presense of insulin. So your pancreas sends out even more insulin (this is the beginning of insulin resistance). The insulin in the meantime causes the liver to secrete more trigylcerides. There may be many other reasons triglycerides could be high but if they are high this is one thing to watch for.

The rules of this board do not allow me to post other websites. You can post here or search for others on your own.

Smoking long term will cause all kinds of problems in addition to ED problems. After a year I would not think it likely to cause any ED issues but it certainly won't help if you have other resons for ED, like hormone issues. Do you best to quit or cut back.

06-13-2007, 10:07 AM
thank's for the info.i think that i have a lot more info to go to the endo with .i've been looking up this for about 2 month's and hope i have found what i need to get the right tests done.i will be getting my old tests and posting them . after i get my new one's i will post them to. im hopeing that thing will go better this time.going to try to make some change's in my life and hope that it can help with some of the health problems.thank you for your reply's thay have been helpful.i've been trying to find some guy's hear on the net to talk to about this .do you think that endo would be able to do as good as a job as dr.john.i just thought that it might be easer since endo would be hear where i live since i now know what test's i need done? 421

06-13-2007, 10:40 AM
Please be aware...Just becuase you go to an Endo does not mean they know anything about Male TRT....Call first and ask if they specilize in Male hormone replacment...it is no guarantee but it is a good start. I went to two Endo's with various levels of success and failure...I recently went to a GP who is listed as an Anti Aging Doctor and he was very well read on the subject....I have only had one visit with him so the jury is still out....I have a follow up next week to go over my blood work....

Check out the World Health Network... do an internet search...they have a listing of Anti Aging Doctors in just about every state...again this is no guarantee but might be worth considering....

good luck.

06-13-2007, 09:05 PM
thanks jinxy,i have been trying to figer this one out not sure who to go to at this time i was planning to ask my gp and see if he knows any one and i will check what you had posted out .did you have all of the test's done that i had listed?have you had any other test done that are'nt listed?thanks agin hope me and you find out what to do.421

06-14-2007, 08:06 AM
421...Yes, I had all the blood work you listed. He(Anti Aging GP) understood the value of the E2 and DHT testing. The last time I asked my endo for those tests he said no becuase if they where high there was nothing he could do about it!!! that is when I started looking for an alternate Dr with a not so narrow view... ALSO...Please keep in mind that Dr's are a good old boys network,so to speak, your Dr my very well know an Endo who he will say is the best. Just means they are friends who refer patients to one another...no guarantee the guy knows crap... I rec getting a provider directory from you ins, often Online, and searching for Endo's nearby. then call and ask the recp if they deal in Male Hormone replacment. then look at the World Health Network and do a serch in your area and see if any of the list Dr's are on your Ins...then call them as well... I mean the reality of Dr's and Ins is not just if they know what they are doing but the length of time it takes to get it to see some of them. Also the co pay starts to add up and if you have an HMO it is a pain in the butt to get a referall...you want to stack the odds in your favor as much as possible when you go see someone....you cannot just cross your fingers....

good luck