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06-14-2007, 09:50 PM
Hello again,

My son is 14, will be 15 in Sept, and shows no signs of starting puberty. His last checkup the GP said that in fact he has not started... She said it could take as long as 16...but my web searchs seem to indicate he should have started by now... I am worried about waiting to long if there is a condition that is delaying this but at the same time I keep hoping nature will take its course becuase I also fear some overzealous Dr will try to put him on some meds that will screw him up down the line... anyone ever have any exp with this ????


06-15-2007, 05:24 AM
If your son shows no sign of puberty starting by age 15 I would suggest taking him to a developmental endocrinologist or a reproductive endocrinologist for evaluation. Does he have a sense of smell? There is a genetic disease that also results in no or little sense of smell called Kallman's Syndrome. This is rare and not likely your son has it.....I think it occurs in 1 of 50,000 males roughly. I assume you went thru puberty normally and your problems developed later in life?

You are smart to be cautious on treatment. Do lots of research if you get to that point. I'm pretty sure HCG should be used to make the testicles grow and increase T count but you need to be sure this is necessary or risk the hypothalmus/pituitary remaining shut down as they appear to be now.