View Full Version : Numbness 36 hours after MOHS

06-19-2007, 07:11 PM
I had a MOHS procedure on my forehead, about an inch or so above and behind my eye. Everything seemed to be fine, and the incision was closed with about 10-12 stitches.

My question is about some lingering numbness. It's certainly sore. But, I have numbness that runs from the corner of my forehead (just behind the incision) back across the side of my head.

I noticed that most of the top of my head was numb during the procedure, and the nurse noted that there is a nerve that runs from the forehead back across your head. He also noted that they would use a more 'long lasting' anesthetic to ensure it stayed numb during the course of the procedure.

My question: is it normal to have numbness this long after the procedure? Could a nerve be cut and this be permanent?