View Full Version : chef, flintrock, any old timers (posters) out there?

07-18-2007, 01:45 PM
Hey, I am back. Son relapsed. How is everyone else doing with their situations?


Chef if you are monitoring these boards, post. We never stopped thinking of you.

07-18-2007, 03:36 PM
Hi Cram

I just read and posted on the other thread. I am sorry for you, sorry for son, that this has happened. Love him still, Cram, but do what you kbnpw you have to do. The boundaries have to stand.

Sigh. Parenting never stops, It is a mixed blessing sometimes, huh? Stand strong and pray son does the same. Yes, it is going to be hard for him. But he has experience in stopping just as you do in the ways to help him stop. Lean heavy on yoyr past experience and pray he does the same.


07-18-2007, 05:59 PM
im an old oldtimer and have been gone for awhile,dont recall your screen name but it doesnt matter,sorry bout your son.i wish you the best of luck with your sons recovery.-spark

07-19-2007, 06:40 AM
hey Cram!!!

I am so happy to hear from you!! I am sorry to hear about the relapse, but as you've heard, it's common and expected with most. My son is back home, doing well......so far. He is working, taking weekly drug test for his probation, and has broken up with HER. He's taking it day by day......I just keep on praying daily for him, sometimes hourly!! I have accepted the fact that I can do this for him. He has to want it bad enough for himself. he has also relapsed before, as you know. They have to just get back up and go at it again. I don't think you'll every hear a story of an addict who stopped forever the first go around.......if so, I'd like to know!!

haven't heard anything from chef in a long time. Hope his health is better. MY MIL just diagnosed with lung cancer, she had the upper lobe removed and did well. Now it has spread to her liver, and chemo is all that is offered at this point. So, that's what we're dealing with here.

Keep your chin up, as you usually do, put all your experience in your pocket, and use it as you need it. This too shall pass!! Loved hearing from you!!!!!!;)

07-19-2007, 02:12 PM
Flint!!!! You have no idea how happy I was to read that your son is still doing well. I would never wish on my worst enemy what we have gone through with our children and when I read good news about someone else's child it is like my own! Sorry to hear about your MIL, I will pray for her. I am sad to see Chef isn't back on the boards, his health problems were so bad the last time he posted. What he must be going through.......he made such an impact on so many of our lives with our loved ones.

spark - thank you so much!

Reach - every day is an empty page it just writes itself as it goes along boy what I wouldn't give for a boring chapter. My past experiences have helped me, I wouldn't have realized that unless you said something. I let go finally.

He is facing jail time for an aggrevated assault, he requested the hospital release him to county for his warrant. I am proud of him on that. I am not posting bail, this needs to sink in. He has to stay away from relapsing and he has to keep taking his medication for bipolar.

I have no idea how the law works but I am guessing he will be in until his bail hearing (two weeks?) and then I am guessing the judge makes a court date and keeps him there until then. He will need a public defender.


07-21-2007, 11:59 AM
mnot dead just yet....its always good to feel nurished by friends...even if they are on-line frtiends...tell me about your son cram...hope life hasw been treating you well...i will go back and reread the posts...havent been doing to great lately...no energy/appetite....since my diet hjas tubed in last couple months,im not goin to the can too much....my body must be usin all of what little im puttin in to it...only can work couple hrs a day and am done...ill have to start pursuing disability big time...havent been back too see my family doc since january...weez terrible with the lungs and have lost about a quarter of my breathing...o2 level is down....been thinking about my family alot thats past waway for sometime now....havent seen my kids in awhile which is ok for me right now..avg. two hours sleep at night/just sit there and think about good/bad....i hope everyone cram/spark/flint are all well and have hope that drugs dont effect your lifes in a neg way no more...think of you guys alot...check posts but noticed through the spirit this last p[osting...take care guys.....chef

07-21-2007, 05:18 PM
Chef, on-line or not, we are friends and you have no idea, how much we worried these past six months.

First, why aren't you pursuing disability and medicare? Putting your health first? Please tell me you quit smoking. I am guessing you didn't pursue the operation. Why haven't you been back to your doctor since January? Are you seeing any doctor? Some of us old timers periodically searched your name on these boards looking for recent activity (some of us old timers met on another board by accident and keep in touch, other boards aren't as strict as this secretive board). I am so happy to read you are still here! So worried. You and sadmum, got me through the worst of worst with my son in the past, I will never forget it.

Long story short, son is in jail for a warrant, I won't bail him out. He turned himself in. In January we moved him to a different state to get him away from bad influences. He was living on his own. He was doing better but he had herniated disks and a host of other back problems and was on pain pills/patches. Which for an opiate addict is not good. He tried to come off them, detoxed three times in one month and failed (was trying suboxone), but his insurance ran out, he spiraled out in no time and he relapsed. He was up here visiting, I got tired of seeing him high and asked him to leave, he got into with his dad and was charged with assault. Became suicidal ended up in hospital where I thought they would treat him with rehab but ended up treating him for bipolar with severe psychosis. That lasted three weeks until he contacted county and went there. Turns out the bipolar is the root to his addiction, anxiety, anger, etc and there may be hope as he is on bipolar meds. Coupled with reality (rock bottom), jail, he has a hole new attitude. I am now on the bipolar boards.

The moderator may chase us off this board, can we all meet on the relationship boards to talk? You made my day chef!! cram315

07-21-2007, 05:28 PM
hey bro good to hear from ya its been awhile.didnt know you were in bad health,man you got to take care of yourself chef.and quit thinkin so much it can bring a man down and we dont need that.are ya still on suboxone.i had to go back to it again for the third time,hopin it will work out this time.good luck my friend-spark

07-22-2007, 06:37 AM
spark- I don't know much about suboxone but my son had a terrible time coming off of it. He felt great on it. The pain patches they had him on for his back was why they put him on suboxone, he went through terrible withdrawals from the patches. He was on suboxone, felt great, tapered, thought he could come off of them and couldn't, went back on them again, tapeered again because his insurance ran out.

He wanted to go back on it in the hospital but the doctors only prescribe it during the detox phase (first five days)

I think suboxone is also addicting in some sort of way. Let us know how the third time works for you, I hope it works, I have seen the struggle first hand and it is pure evil to fight.