View Full Version : big bald spot on head w odd mole nearby...help!

09-26-2007, 05:42 PM
My boyfriend noticed a fuzzy bald spot when my hair was tied up one day... measuring at a shocking 7cmx4cm. We have never noticed it before until that day, and upon examination, noticed that it was still falling out, had blonde baby hairs growing back that fell out when pulled, and a raised, pink centered, brown-ringed mole sat within centemeters. As far as I knew, all moles on my scalp were pink, so Im assuming that this one has changed or developed over time. We checked for more concerning moles, and on the opposite side of my head found another similar mole, un-raised, with a small faintly balding spot around it. It seems common-sense to conclude that the odd moles are related to the balding.
I am a working freelance artist without much money or health insurance, but am on the verge of getting a full-time job with health insurance by the end of October. Its been three weeks since we found the spot, and I feel the urgancy to get it checked but wonder if it could wait a month until I can get full coverage, since quoting the costs of self-pay suggested an easy $500 or more.
I am terrified, but have no idea how serious my situation actually is. Would it be risky to wait that long if it is cancerous? How fast does skin cancer develop?
Any and all advice would be so helpful. Thank you.

09-27-2007, 08:38 AM
If it was me I would go ASAP and have it looked at.Basel cell cancer is slow growing but if by chance it was aggressive melanoma type then the quicker you get it treated the better out come for you.