View Full Version : Weird light brown mark on middle of my neck

10-03-2007, 07:38 PM
I just realized i have a weird a little bigger than quarter-sized light brown mark in the middle of my neck.

i've been researching skin cancer a bit but all of the images ive seen of the spots have been way more dark brown than mine. i just wanted to make sure..but does it start off lighter and turn darker? mine isn't raised at all, but a little rough.. looks kind of like a sun mark you would get on your face or something... can anyone give me some insight? thanks so much!!

10-04-2007, 03:48 AM
Is it circular? My husband has a similar mark on his arm - we went to the Dr's and she said it didn't look like it was anything to worry about - but I'm curious and would like to know as we have recently had a scare with a suspicous mole. Does it tan, or tend to stay lighter than the rest of your skin? I've read up a bit on it and it seems it could just be a fungal type thing. My husband's isn't raised either, but a very tiny bit rough. Let me know if you get any more info.

10-16-2007, 03:44 PM
It's not totally circular.. the edges aren't at least.. kind of reminds me of a birth mark.

i can't notice any difference if it lightens or darkens.

anyone else have anything to add?

i may go to the doctor to just make sure.

11-30-2007, 01:31 PM
Hi, it's me again. I still have this brownish (not dark) on the middle of my neck. It is not raised and it's only a teeny bit rough.

I recently noticed on the one side it has a triangle outline in white and in the middle its brownish and on the outside its brownish. Then on the other side of the whole spot it doesn't have the white outlined triangle type thing... It's noticeable from someone else but if I look at it real close it sort of does look like a triangle type white outline.

The whole spot is about a quarter size but not circular shaped all around. It reminds me kind of a birthmark

I see lots of posts about moles and such but can some types of skin cancer not be moles and just brownish spots? It's just always on my mind, kind of worrying..

Thoughts? Thanks...