View Full Version : squamous cell carcinoma help!!

10-31-2007, 06:24 PM
My partner has squamous cell carcinoma. He decided not to go the traditional route of chemo/radiation/surgery, which would eventually leave him with no voicebox, he is 53.
He has decided to search out alternative treatments and everyone and their brother has a treatment to offer, how do you know if some is a scam, or the real thing, that is why I am here for him....his lump is on the right side of his neck, it has grown quite large and started to "errupt" with some pus and bloody like "pimples" (sorry for being gross), outside of that he is feeling fine but does tire easily. He has tried everything from Cesium and DNSO, supplements, teas, wheatgrass, and Zeolite, all this was started in June and July, the wheatgrass this October '07. Not only that but he is on a raw food diet, juices and doesn't eat any meats, chicken, fish, no oils. He also follows the Budwig Diet of flax oil and cottage cheese. But the tomour is worsening. He is an American citizen and in the process of moving to Canada to be with me (Michele) until this happened and of course he has no medical insurance. Last night the tumour became infected and I gave him Tylenol for the fever and bathed him in cool water, and put anti biotic Polysporin on the tumour and wrapped it carefully, we've been keeping it bandaged as it leaks. I am beside myself with worry, and fear and pray constantly. Can anyone help us? Has anyone out there ever been cured naturally, with alternative medicines with this form of neck tumour? I/we are desparately in need of help and advice, and of course all the prayers we can gather. God bless all and everyone who has to live with this disease or any other life threatening illness.
Michele and Billy.