View Full Version : worried since melanoma in-si-tu found

11-17-2007, 12:52 PM
I was wondering if there is anyone who ca inlighten me....
I had a Melanoma in-si-tu removed about 10 months ago since then i have had about 9 biopsies done one of which was dysplastic.
Last week I had 3 more biopsies
results were
1. combined lentigo and junctional nevus
2. compound congenital
3.intradermalnevus with congenital features and focal dermal scar

What is all the mumbo jumbo on # 3
I was tols in 1992 that #3 was aacrochordon with chronic inflamation and my derm told me prior to removal that the results would most certin turn out malignant. I am SOOOOOO happy they were not but she said that this was never a skin tag as diagnoised before. I am now scared that it could be wrong again. can some one please help?????:confused::confused: