View Full Version : What to expect during biopsy??

01-03-2008, 02:05 PM
I'm having a couple moles removed/biopsied tomorrow.. I'm just wondering what to expect, how bad it'll hurt afterwards etc.. They are both on my back, right near my bra strap. Also, I'm not sure if they'll do an actually screening on me tomorrow or just the biopsy.. How does that usually work, do they usually do the screening only after you've had moles come back cancerous, or should I expect them to do a screening tomorrow as well as the biopsy? Any info you have would be great! Thanks! ;)

01-06-2008, 07:54 PM
Just wanted to post an update and ask a question.. When I went in for my biopsy the doc did a full skin check. He said he could biopsy the two moles in question if I wanted him to, for piece of mind, but he was 99% sure they would come back as dysplastic nevi.. I said that's fine, don't worry about the biopsy. So he said to keep an eye on the two moles, along with the others he found and to come in at the first sign of change or in a year, which ever happens first. I left there feeling very confident and relieved but now that I've done some reading on dysplastic nevi I'm starting to second guess myself, and him. If dysplastic nevi mimic melanoma then how could he be so confident in the fact that it wasn't melanoma without doing a biopsy?? Do you think I did the right thing?? Is it possible that he could be that confident w/out a biopsy??

01-18-2008, 07:03 PM
Is it possible that he could be that confident w/out a biopsy??I'm confident in my dermatologist. Last year he removed a mole and said he'd send it for biopsy but he was 99.99% sure it was not cancer, he was right. Yesterday I had a small mole removed, again he said he was 99.99% sure it was nothing but he'd get it biopsied because it was a new mole; he also removed a mole on my upper cheek and said he wasn't getting that one biopsied.... I trust him completely.

01-27-2008, 12:07 PM
My dermatologist watches close my 2 moles on my back. Each time I come, he mesures it and checks if they grow or not.
This year one of them grew a bit and he said it needs to be removed. He was so right: the margine cells started to change.
I also having a treatment now on a top of my nose: basal cell carsinoma and I treat this with a cream. What a bloody mess this is, but it needs to be done.

Good luck to you and don't be afraid to ask your DR if any concerns.:)