View Full Version : Unusual growths on forehead

01-15-2008, 11:32 AM
In the past 5-6 months I've had two spots come up about 1/4 away from one another on my forehead. One looks like a mole, about 1/8" diameter. Its as high as it is wide. I looked at it with a magnifier and it is actually made of of brown fleshy spikes. The other is a pink scaly patch aboout 1/4" in diameter, not raised at all. It sometimes bleeds or crusts over. It won't heal at all, and has appeared to grow wider in the last few weeks. After Googling skin cancer I saw one that was identical to what I have (the pink patch), but nothing like the spiky mole. One was labeled a squamous cell and that was the pink patch. My question: can a squamous cell and melanoma develop beside each other?

I am 51. When I was young I have several very severe sunburns. Because I am a blue-eyed blonde with very fair skin, my doctor once said my risk of skin cancer was 7 times greater than that of a normal person. Should I get these checked out?