View Full Version : mole in rectum area, I need a responce fast!

01-25-2008, 07:02 AM
My daughter has had a mole right at her rectum area since she was at least a year old. I had it looked at by a Dr. when she was about 5 or 6 and at that time it was brown and normal, raised alittle so that is why I was concerned about it. The dr. said it was fine and was not in a good place to remove. Now she is 11 and she was irratated in her other private area (a rash , not related to the mole) so I looked at the mole while we were checking out the rash. It was blackish blue now and bumpy and it has bleed alittle when she has bowel movements. I took her back to the Dr. and they are sending her to a surgen because she wants it removed. She was deciding between a surgen or dermatologist but she felt the surgen was best. It is right there in her rectum. one more Centameter and it would be harder to see. I am so scared that it is cancer and I am so scared that it is too close to a blood vessel to remove. Has anyone had this or know anyone with this experence. Any one who is reading and believes in prayer please pray for her and any feedback from this topic will be great. Thanks!

02-18-2008, 02:10 PM
I am sending love, courage and prayers to both you, your daughter and all your family at this difficult time.
Please let me know how she gets on, i too have a mole right by my rectum, i only noticed it because i have terrible IBS, and i get so terribly sore and tried to look in a mirror to see what was going on, then i noticed the mole,
Its too difficult to see to be honest so i dont know how its doing.
Love and healing to you all.

02-21-2008, 07:33 AM
Thank you so much!:angel: Well we finally went to the DR. and she took one look at it and sent her to a surgeon. He wanted to do a MRI first because of it being so dark blue it looks black, he wanted to make sure there wasn't a cluster of veins on the inside from the mole. If there were we were going to have to go to Atlanta to get another Dr. to do something. I was so scared but prayed and had everyone pray! Well I finally got the results of the MRI and it was clear....THANK GOD!!!!! But they are still going to remove it with surgery. Because of the location , it would be too hard to remove it like a normal mole. He is going to send it off and have it tested so We will be praying for good results on that. We are out for the winter break from school (I work at school also) so this would have been a good week to do it but her sergeon is out this week also. SO now we are waiting on him to be back in the office and get another appointment. She is nervous about using the bathroom and she said that it is sore. I know that it is an embarrassing part of your body to get looked at by your Dr. I felt so bad for my daughter but I would advise you to go to the Dr. and see what it looks like to him. Especailly since he talked about the possablily of the cluster of veins on the inside. I hope you go to the DR. Let me know what you decide. Thank you so much for responding. Keep her in your prayers, me as a mother, I hate that she is having surgery , that is going to be nerve wrecking! I will keep you in my prayers also. I know how you feel with the IBS also, I have that too! Good luck to you!:angel:

02-23-2008, 07:28 AM
Thank God someone is actually doing something for your daughter. I will send lots of love, prayers and healing thoughts to you all. I am having so much trouble with my butt, it is often so sore i cry. But the mole is just the same looking, (like a normal mole). Its not as though i can ask someone to check it LOL.
I often get very itchy down there, but its not the mole that itches, its every time i need to go to the toilet (number 2s) it sort of feels like i have gone allergic to my poo, it makes me itchy and sore!!!!!( sorry to be so graphic).But not one dr or specialist has been able to diagnose whats wrong. Sometimes i cannot sit due to the raw pain.
i have had trouble over the last 3 yrs, had many dr look down there and not one of them has mentioned they have seen the mole, but i know its there.

Once your daughters is taken away and you find that it is just an innocent mole, you will be able to stop holding your breath and breathe again.
Lots of prayers coming your way.