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01-25-2008, 04:09 PM
So I posted on the May Mommies thread Thursday of last week talking about how sick I've been... well I ended up having to go to the emergency room that night because I wasn't able to eat or drink enough and my fever was uncontrollable. They gave me a lot of fluid and some prescriptions, and then since my obstetrician happened to be on call and was in the hospital that night, he came down to see me. I told him my symptoms, and that on top of everything else, I had a yeast infection. Well the yeast infection part alarmed him and he tested me with 2 different tests for amniotic fluid and they both came up positive. I'm 22 weeks pregnant so obviously this should not have been happening. I was transferred to a bigger hospital and they tested me again, but this time only 1 test was positive, the nitrazine. So the next day they scheduled me for an amniocentesis where they would inject a blue dye and see if it came out of me. Well it was negative... so they discharged me. However, I was still so horribly sick that Saturday I had to come back in and I was tested AGAIN and this time the test that had come up negative, the ferning, they ran twice. There were thicker parts in my fluid this time, and the test that she ran with the thick parts came up positive and the test without was negative. I'm wondering if I actually did rupture my membanes and that they resealed before the amniocentesis, and the thicker parts were kind of just old amniotic fluid? Sorry this is kind of graphic, but I'm worried now that I could tear it back open if I'm not careful, and the doctors said there isn't really a way to know for sure. Has anyone else had a similar situation? I don't think either my husband or I realized how much love we already have for our son until the doctor told us that we could be facing an early delivery... Now that by some miracle I'm back home and am recovering, I'm just constantly worried that it could happen again!

01-25-2008, 05:53 PM
i know how scary this can be! with my first pregnancy, i had premature rupture of membranes at 28 weeks...I was on complete bedrest for the next 6 weeks and induced at 24 weeks....

There's no real way that you can tell if your water will or will not break, but listen to your body and pay close attention to all symptoms or signs. don't hesitate to call your doctor or visit the er if YOU think it is necessary...i wish the best...keep us posted...

01-30-2008, 02:10 PM
Did your Doctor put you on bedrest? I would rest as much as possible and try to stay off my feet if I were you. Goodluck, and just think, every week is a week closer to the birth, and a week safer for the baby to be born, even if he comes early. take it day by day.

01-30-2008, 02:44 PM
each day in the womb is something like almost equivillant to a week outside of the womb...or that's what they told me when my water broke at 28 weeks with my first...