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01-26-2008, 11:01 PM
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Hi, I was reading ure post and I was wondering exactly the same thing you wrote. I drink organic wheat grass powder from Whole Foods almost everyday. Did you recieve any responses? I'm very curious, and don't know where to learn about it.

After hearing all the benefits of wheatgrass I decided I would buy some to test it out. The only kind I could find which didn't require it to be grown was wheatgrass powder, which is 100% organic.

I was just wondering whether the powder would be anywhere near as effective as the wheatgrass juice. I find that after putting between 1 and 2 teaspons of wheatgrass powder in my water in the morning (before food) I don't notice any difference in energy levels. I was under the impression it gives you a boost of energy, which is what I need when I have early morning starts at uni.

The main reason I want to know about this is because it's a lot cheaper to grow wheatgrass yourself, and I already have a greenhouse, but if I don't really feel any benefits from the juice then maybe there is no point wasting money on a juicer, which are quite expensive, even for a manual one.