View Full Version : New mole growing already!!!!!!!!

02-01-2008, 08:41 PM
I recently (10 days ago) had a mole removed from my palm below my index finger and a new one is appearing already!

The one i had removed appeared out of nowhere on my palm about 3 years ago. It started of as a speck i thought was pen ink it was so tiny. I kept trying to wash it off. It gradually grew and i realised it was a mole. I wasnt at all worried since it was on my hand and i always thought you only had to worry if you had a mole that was exposed to sun and changed color etc. It got to be about 2 by 3 mm (pretty small) so i asked my doc how big it would get. She didnt like the look of it and the fact that it appeared rom nowhere and had an irregular shape (it sort of looked like ink running along my palm print) So it had to come off. It wasnt itchy or scabby and the doc who removed it said it was quite superficial (they didnt have to dig into muscle or anything). They did say that moles can return after removal but i thought they meant it would come back where it was in the first place.

They used an elptical excision and the cut is healing up, its 1.5 cm long.

But im developing a new mole just below the end of the cut. Its nearly a whole cm from where the old one was. Its starting exactly like the old one at the moment its a tiny speck (i actually thought it was dirt again!)

I havent gotten the results back from the first mole and wont for another 2 weeks. I wasnt expecting it to be malignant and i dont think the doc was either. But does growing my new mole so quick make it more likely? The new mole only appeared about 3 days ago.

I really dont want to have get anymore skin removed the cut i have is very tight alrweady and interfering with my ability to move my finger proerly and play my saxophone .

Plus i wasnt worried at all i never evn considerd cancer since im hardly ever in the sun (im in ireland).

Am i worrying over nothing? I mean just cause i got another so quickly doesnt mean cancer or does it make it more likely? If its more likely i really want to know cause i like to be prepared for possible bad news.