View Full Version : how do you treat red skin under the flange around the soma???

02-06-2008, 02:06 PM
my husband is experiencing red and sore skin under the flange that holds his colostomy bag. Any suggestions?????????? sorry-I meant to say stoma and didn't know how to fix it.

02-06-2008, 07:26 PM
This sounds of the wall, but I painted the area with the thick Maalox at the bottom of the bottle, let it dry, then sprayed with Nexcare no sting spray. Once its dry you apply the wafer as usual. I tried everything else and this really worked for me. Good luck. Its a very frustrating problem.

West Coast Girl
02-07-2008, 11:23 AM
It's best to have the skin looked at by an ET nurse just to be sure. But if this is not an option it could be a couple of things.

If this is a new occurrance, has he recently changed brands of appliance - it could be an allergy. It could also be a yeast infection - is the area itchy? There are solutions for this but I've never had a yeast problem so I don't know what to suggest.

The opening on the flange could be cut too large leaving exposed skin that will get irritated from the stool. The diameter of the opening should 1/16 to 1/8 inch larger than the diameter of the stoma. There are some brands of flange that are made from a very soft material that allow them to "turtleneck" around the base of the stoma to prevent stool from getting underneath - try Convatec Moldable flanges.

Another good product is the Eakin seal. You can take a piece of the material -I get the flat seals and cut off a strip - and roll it into a small rope and press it around the opening of the flange. Warm up the flange and Eakin material with a hair blower before pressing onto the skin to get a really good seal. There is something in this product that helps skin heal. You can also take a small piece and flatten it over any red spots. Put this on the clean, dry skin before using any skin protective product. You can use a barrier spray - Nexcare No-Sting Liquid Bandage is a good one (available in the drug store in North America) or any of the ones made by the appliance manufacturers over the skin before putting on the flange. Sometimes putting a little Stomahesive powder (dusting off any excess) over the irritated area - if it is weeping - before putting on the liquid barrier helps. Make sure the barrier lotion/spray is totally dry before putting on the new flange.

Also make sure to change the flange as soon as there is a leak or when the skin starts to itch or burn. This varies from person-to-person and can be 2-8 days. Stool will start to irritate the skin very quickly after coming in contact. Especially for those with ileostomies.

It may take some experimenting. Some people don't use any additional products and have no problems. This is highly individual as skin sensitivity so variable. Try different products and combinations and you should find some solution. It took me 6 months to figure it all out!

02-09-2008, 07:50 AM
I used to experience that a lot, and that was after wearing the same type of appliance for a year. Then I sent away from samples from all of the ostomy companies. I now use Sensura by Coloplast and I love it. Instead of the Eakin seals, I also use the Coloplast paste strips.


I used to itch so bad it nearly drove me mad. Now, I hardly feel like I am wearing anything.

Never heard of the Maalox trick. With the Coloplast Assura and Sensura, they suggested that you don't put any kind of skin prep on before applying unless you have red, broken out areas. Then they told me to apply skin prep, powder and repeat. I have not had to resort to that since I switched manufacturers. It appears (in my case) that I became sensitive to my original brand after a year!

Hope this helps.


02-09-2008, 08:58 AM
Thanks to all for the info. His stoma changed the first time we changed it from sticking out some to flat so I wonder if the surgeon did it right. However, I don't really think leaking is the problem because it seems to be just red all over under the flange. I'm going to try these sugestions. He can only use convatec flange and bags because the VA supplies them and we cannot afford them but I do have a sample of eakins and will try it. I guess I am his ostomy nurse! he he he

Suzi Q
02-09-2008, 04:39 PM
well, on the convatex box will be a phone number that you can call and talk people there. It sounds like you just need to try a new style. They can send out different convatex supplies to try out. I had that problem before too. I just had to change waifer. If his skin is just really sensitive try an all barrier waifer. But until then try spraying the area with nexcare bandage spray. Also check out what soap he is using on his skin to clean the area when changing thte appliance. I was using DOVE and it was part of my problem as well.