View Full Version : Found a pink painless lump!

02-23-2008, 03:19 AM
I am very worried, because I think I might have cancer. I am eighteen-years-old and I will be away from my parents for the following fortnight and likewise will not be able to get to a doctor's surgery before then.

Embarrassing as it is to admit, around seven or eight months ago I found a softish, round lump in the perianal area, or, in other words, gross as it may sound, the area just outside the anus. I ignored it in the hope that it would simply go away and eventually I even forgot about it, but recently it has come to my attention again, perhaps because it has got larger (I'm not sure if it has or not; maybe I have just been noticing it more.)

It is pink in colour and totally painless, which leads me to think that it cannot be a hemorrhoid (can they be pink and painless?). But, if not that, then what is it? Is it possible to get skin cancer down there? And what is the likelihood of an eighteen-year-old girl having anal cancer? Could it be a cyst? There is no pus or any other kind of leakage coming from it; it is merely a pea-sized (perhaps even smaller) pink lump. I am otherwise quite healthy, though often tired and occasionally a little dizzy, which I've always put down simply to my being a vegan and not getting sufficient vitamin B12. I have not lost any weight and my appetite is the same as usual. (The only other thing I have is frequent acid reflux, but it is not a real problem and I don't see how it could be even remotely related! :))

If anyone can offer any advice or help, absolutely ANYTHING at all, I would be so supremely grateful! I am completely freaked out about this thing, and too embarrassed to tell anyone, although I will have to tell my parents when I see them. As I have already had this mean lump for around seven months or more and if it does turn out to be cancer, do you think it will be too late? What other symptoms might I be having if it is cancer, and, if it is, would it grow? I don't know very much. I have no family history of cancer either, and the lump is hardly located in an area one would expose to the sun, which is what I thought to be the main cause of skin cancer. And I heard that anal cancer is very uncommon in young people. But despite all this I simply can't figure out what else it could possibly be! :(:confused: (If it is skin cancer and on the anus, does that make it anal cancer or skin cancer? Ah, I'm so confused!) I know only the doctor can tell me for sure but I would be so extremely grateful for any suggestions at all until then to stop me going out of my mind.

Thank you so much for reading. I'm sorry if I sound silly for all my questions.

PS - And if the lump were skin cancer, would it be basal cell because it shows up as a clean painless lump as opposed to a sore that doesn't heal? (Although the lump is not at all shiny or crusty either; it just looks the same colour as the skin surrounding it, but is still immediately visible.)

Thank you again so much; I'm also sorry if this is a bit gross.