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05-02-2008, 03:05 PM
Hello all, I have had at least 5 basal cells removed all excised with stitches.
( from the tanning beds by the way!!!) and the latest 2 I just had removed last week were caught very early and only penetrated the top layer of my skin, so the Dr did a different type of surgery on me.

Let me tell you this. It was HORRIBLE. I have had 9 pre cancerous nevi moles removed as well all excised with stitches. they never hurt as bad as what I just had done. AND they had to go deep b/c they were almost melanoma's.
dysplastic nevus.

I am not sure of the name of the surgery I just had but she used a scraper with a razor blade on it and than burned me 3 times. so she scrapes 3 times and than burns 3 times. she told me specifically that this type of surgery is not painful at all.

YAH RIGHT. I am 10 days out of surgery and my wounds are very painful and red. I also developed an allergic reaction to the bandages so I had to quit wearing them after 8 days as I could not take the blisters I was getting from the adhesive on the bandages. the day after I stopped wearing them the irritation went away so the pain is not from that..
so now my wounds are healing up nicely but they hurt a lot. constant pain and now there itching. I will never have this surgery again, ever. I guess they weren't deep enough to use the stitch method so this was how she removed them. they have been oozing and nasty looking too. it literally looks like someone burned me with a cigar.. I have been in a lot of pain for 10 days now. I don't recommend this surgery to anyone. I will find out the name of it to warn you all. I had had a lot of weird skin cancers removed but this was the most painful of all.

apparently she told me to keep it moist and covered so it heals from the inside out and won't form a scab, which means no scar but it was to painful for me to wear a bandage, one because of the irritation I got and 2 the bandage really bothered my wounds. its been a very hard week for me.

anyone else had this happen? wow!!!

Thanks, SS

05-02-2008, 03:17 PM
I just found out the name of the surgery I had. this is what its called
"electrodessication and curettage" . My cancers were on my chest and shoulder.. I am shuddering just thinking about the pain I still feel on my chest. the one on my shoulder does not hurt as bad as the one on my poor chest. poor me. I guess all of those years of having a great tan and using the tanning beds has caught up to me. now I am a big whitee who uses the fake tan spray stuff. oh well. such is life. I have so many scars now from all my removals, I look like a zipper.

05-04-2008, 05:44 AM
Hi SS,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have not had that surgery done. I had a couple of biopsies done last month. He did a punch then burned them. They told me the same thing. To keep antibiotic oinment on them and covered. They were quite painful for a couple of weeks. They oozed and the bandages irritated my skin too. I quit using bandaids and switched to gauze pads and paper tape. The irritation went away. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


05-09-2008, 03:11 AM
Thanks Annie for your nice reply. I think you had the same surgery as I did. I am now 3 weeks out of surgery and my wonds are healing but i have terrible scars now. they still really bother me. I WILL NEVER have this type of surgery again, that is for darn sure.

take care, and thanks for writting.


07-03-2008, 04:56 AM
Just a thought about your pain. I had a biopsy done on the inside top part of my ear. My dermatologist sent me home with instructions to keep it dry and apply hydrogen peroxide and/or alcohol. My ear was killing me after awhile. I went to see a MOHS surgeon after BCC diagnosed and told doc my ear hurt since biospy and he gave me cream to put on my ear and to keep it moist. One the scab from the biopsy fell off my ear felt so much better.

Also had MOHS surgery on ear and will have to keep moist and dress for 6-8 weeks - letting area dry will cause pain. Not having any pain so far - only first 24 hours after numbing meds wore off.

Maybe since you had a hard time with bandages your site was getting dry and causing you pain. Just a thought.

08-11-2008, 09:12 AM
Thank you for these posts. I searched out this website in hopes of finding someone going through the same thing as me (and not just because misery loves company). I am 45 years old. I am red-haired, fair skinned green-eyed and mildly freckled. I have often worn sleeveless shirts and dresses throughout my life. I had a pinkish circular thing appear on my upper arm about 2 years ago. My general practitioner thought nothing of it the first time I showed her and so I tried to forget about it. As time passed, it never went away, changed shape, and grew a bit, but I just kept pushing it to the back of my mind. I asked my daughter to look at it one time and she said, "What? That scratch?" That bummed me out because I thought for sure I was making a big deal out of nothing. It wouldn't be the first time I'd been to the doctor over something I thought was wrong just to be told "you're fine." So it's easy to put things off. Finally, my doctor prescribed a fungus-type ointment that I tried for 2 weeks. It didn't change anything.

I couldn't ignore it any longer. I searched the internet for pictures of skin cancer and stumbled upon one that looked identical to the thing on my arm.

I went to the dermatologist on 7/18/08 and, when asked why I was there, showed the nurse my arm. When the Dr. came in he looked at it and then proceeded to do a quick cursory check of my body while I was fully clothed. I couldn't get my straight-legged jeans up over my knees so he never saw my thighs. I really didn't believe I had anything else to worry about so I didn't push the issue that he needed to look anywhere else besides my arm. But I do remember feeling strange that he just lifted my top to look at my back, because I wasn't exactly wearing a loose fitting top. He looked at my face, but never looked at my scalp.

Anyway, he confirmed that the spot on my arm should be biopsied. This is ALL new to me. I'm not sure what he did. Punch and burn? Scrape and burn? Yes, the nurse gave me a local to numb my arm and I did not feel a thing of what he did. When he burned my arm (3 times) it smelled awful and was kind of upsetting. They bandaged me up and off I went and thought, "oh that was no big deal." How proud I was to finally be taking care of it. Then the shot wore off. And I got the reaction from the band-aids. And all the goopy, oopy, infected redness, and disgusting looking stuff I was never warned about. Everything you mentioned below happened to me. The PAIN was awful. I was certain the area was infected. However, I was also filled with much doubt. Was I being too sensitive? Was this normal and I just needed to "suck it up?" I'd given birth to 4 children, how could this be hurting so much? The pain just radiated down my arm. That all happened Friday and by next Wednesday I couldn't take it anymore and called. I was told the same things you mentioned. Keep it moist, heal from the inside, switch from antibiotic ointment to vaseline, blah, blah, blah. But also told the results of my biopsy came back and confirmed basal cell carcinoma and that I would have to come back for cryosurgery on August 13- this Wednesday.

I hope I haven't gone on too long. I read your post, felt some comfort from the confirmation of the pain being over-the-top, and am very anxious now how I will feel after this Wednesday. I can only imagine that different people experience different things. But I am very disappointed with the lack of information from the dermatologist's office. The cryosurgery may produce a different result with less pain. But I don't know! So, I'm definitely calling today to request a pain medication prescription in advance. The last thing I want to add is that now, after nearly 3 1/2 weeks, the intense pain has begun to minimize. And the thought of having to go day after tomorrow and have more poking and scraping and now freezing done is just... :(

P.S. I do want to add that it is really bothering me that people are treating me like this is no big deal. The original poster caught my attention when she mentioned her previous experiences with "excision" and "stitches" and no problem. That is how everyone I know is treating me. No big deal. And I wanted to believe "eh! No big deal!" But this scraping and burning is my FIRST experience and it totally sucks and it's very difficult to get people to understand you aren't just being the biggest baby on the planet. And now reading about cryosurgery and the pain after your skin un-thaws and the dead skin that will fall off over a period of time...and 4-6 weeks recovery. It's not only gross it just wears on you! One thing that occurs to me...if I ever have to go through this again, I will do it in the winter time. Bundled up and keeping my wound all to myself. It's been so hot (and I mentioned my love of sleeveless things) but it's so gross looking that you MUST wear a bandaide (and then take it off as soon as possible).