View Full Version : Update on my "suspiscious mole".............

05-06-2008, 09:01 AM
So, I went to the Plastic Surgeon yesterday and he has scheduled surgery to at least biopsy it, hopefully remove it all, on Friday (May 9th) at 9:30am (EST). The doctor is concerned enough that he made special arrangements/provisions to get this done this quickly. When he told the nurse to call so and so in to help him with this on Fri she must not have liekd the idea of this and my dr got into kind of an argument with her and said "This needs to be taken care of and sent to the lab ASAP!"

Had he not done so, it would have had to wait until well into June to get done, and his exact words were "this can't wait that long".

I will have local anesthetic (sp?) which I am kinda fearful of because when I have novacaine (sp?) for dental procedures they have a HARD time getting me numb/numbed enough. Also I will have quite a few stitches as he also said it feels on the deep side. Anyways, that is my update and I will let you all know how this turns out. TY for your responses to my first thread!