View Full Version : Is my boyfriend addicted to alcohol? How to tell?

05-28-2008, 10:29 PM
I dont want to sound like a goody goody so please forgive me if I do... I don't drink. I'm one of the very few 24 year olds that I seem to know who doesn't drink. I do not judge people who do by any means ...I simply don't care for the taste myself. My boyfriend never drank until about 3 years ago when his father picked up the habit.. Right after his grandfather died, his father started drinking beer to the point that he was drunk every night when he got home from work. He would go to work from 5am-4pm and start in as soon as he got home. He drinks to the point he can't walk. Now, what he does is his own business but I'm concerned because my boyfriend gets a kick out of seeing his dad this way and drinking right along with him. First let me explain that I've never seen my boyfriend to the point where he couldn't walk but he seems to be able to drink LOTS of beer without showing signs of being drunk. This is where I am a little confused because my idea of being drunk has always seemed to be someone who drinks so much that they do things they regret or they don't rememebr what they are doing, can't walk, can't hardly speak..or make sense..etc. Maybe I have a wrong view so please let me know. Anyway, my boyfriend will come home from work and drink up to 6 beers...give or take..some nights it has been 8 but then other nights just 2-3. He'll also do shots of whisky, rum, or vodka..etc. At least 2 shots per night. Usually there will be 1 night per week where he drinks nothing..but he makes up for it on the weekend. On the weekend he'll drink at times up to a 12 pack by himself throughout the day. There was one time he drank 14 beers and took shots in a 24 hour period. He isnt a small guy so I'm guessing that is how he can withstand drinking this much and not seem drunk..but should I be conerned?? My parents think he has problems and that his father is terrible for doing what he does....this seems to be his families way of having fun...they use to be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE...I met my boyfriend at a church event and his whole family seemed very straight-laced...almost uptight...and would have NEVER picked up a drink...then the grandfather dies and they turn into different people.... what should I do? I asked my boyfriend about it and told him I'm concerned and he seems to treat me like I'm crazy for thinking he has a problem. I told him that if he continues to drink like this then he could have some serious health problems down the road but he doesn't seem to think so. Am I just being a goody goody because I don't drink or do I have the right to be worried? What should I do about it? He tells me that I need to leave him alone about his drinking habits when I bring it up. :(

06-03-2008, 05:47 PM
I think you should tell him because if he really loves you then he will take what you think into consideration. Because I am <a teenager> i dont have any storys of drinking although I to dont drink but alot of people in my grade do and smoke and a couple of people got pregnant. I kind of am having that same problem I like this guy but he smokes weed I told him it was stupid but he says its better than reality. I was so proud he is trying to quit but then he said he wanted to relapses the next day I asked him if that relapse was worth it he said he didnt smoke I was so proud i think you should tell him and If he cares about you he will respect your decision. although I am younger and the person I like is 2 years older he respected what I told him that it was stupid but it was his friends and now that he talks to me he started quiting he hasnt relapsed for about 3 weeks and i am proud i hope you can be proud for your man to.