View Full Version : dr. used liquid nitro but the spot has not fallen off

06-27-2008, 04:50 AM
I had a shave biopsy on my nose on 6/25. My derm noticed a growth on my hairline on forehead and said it looked like a sebaciuos keratonin so she used three squirts of nitro. She told me the area will get red, oozy, ect. but it has not. Initially it was red...but now the white spot is more raised and not even red at all. I've had moles removed (dark ones) that have fallen off...not this time. Waiting for the biopsy results of the shave biopsy on nose but should I call given the spot is more raised and pearly white on my forehead??? I wish she had just biopsied it. Thankyou.

07-03-2008, 04:28 AM
Just had some skin cancer removed from my ear. and also had, what I thought, was a freckle on my forehead near hairline biopsied and awaiting results.

I did extensive research prior to my surgery on my ear and I strongly advise you to make sure you see a Dermatologist who specializing in MOHS surgery. They are trained dermatologist who only do skin cancers on face, neck, ears, nose, etc. where you want to remove the least amount of skin possible.

MOHS surgery has the highest cure rate - but not all dermatologists are qualified to do this surgery. I went to a local dermatologist (near my home) to get my biopsy on my ear done and once results were in she recommended I see a plastic surgeon to do surgery because of where the cancer was - she never even mentioned MOHS surgeon.

Do some research - I was talking to a guy the other day who told me his doctor gave him 3 of those nitro shots on same spot that came back. I was horrified to hear that she messed around with him for 2 years before he went to another dermatologist - MOHS surgeon.

Good luk.

07-03-2008, 10:06 AM
Wow. Thankyou for your help. My derm called me yesterday with the news that the biopsy came back as basal cell, a reoccurance since it was frozen off before. She gave me the name of a surgeon and said I needed mohs, and I assumed the surgeon was a mohs surgeon. Now I'll be sure to educate myself. My surgery is scheduled for July 31st. I will call my derm back asking her to biopsy the one she tried to freeze off on my hairline as well as a spot on the tip of my nose, and under my eye that she is using a "lets wait and see if it gets bigger" approach. Rather be proactive and get this all over with. My Dad had mohs on his nose (4 of them at different times) and I was shocked when I saw him. 40 plus stitches and it was a basal. He looks great now...I called him as well given this is the face. Thank you and good luck to you!