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07-07-2008, 01:02 PM
I have just been diagnoses with Paget's , the thing is that it was on my skin surrounding my Ileostomy. I had my ostomy moved and the problem area and stoma were removed the area that was biopsied showed Paget's disease, which threw the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic. My biopsy was negative for cancerous cell, but I still have the diagnosis for Paget's. The doctors thought they were doing the surgery for mucosal migration at first until the new biopsy came back. My original ileostomy was for ulcerative colitis many years ago, so I have never had cancer.
I wonder if I have to be concerned with cancer being elsewhere, when I read about this on the internet it only refers to the breast. The doctors told me i was a very rare case. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to share with me. I am very positive because I dealt with the skin issue for over 2 years because the biopsies came back as negative and the local doctors chalked it up to skin irritation. It seems I would be in big trouble if it were more serious or spread and I am very lucky. I just had the surgery May 2 and a follow up on July 2 adn will return to the clinic in October.
Has any one heard of such a situation?

Thank you for reading this and I welcome any comments that may be halpful.