View Full Version : having mohs on nose Friday

07-30-2008, 10:13 AM
though i've read so much about skin cancer, and have it myself, how does one feel so anxious over the best skin cancer treatment available? I go in on Friday to have the mohs procedure done on a skin cancer on side of nose that came back after being frozen off 3 years ago. I've seen my father after his mohs nose post-op and all I can think of is the bandages on his face from the nose and the donor site. It's the not knowing of how many layers will have to be taken until the cancer is gone. I am a worrier as it is. I've had bcc on my shoulder removed via excision, but my nose is a different story. Ofcourse, I'm not vain, I want the cancer gone for good. during the consult the surgeon's only concern was he may have to go deeper given I have scar tissue from the freezing of the bcc three years ago. How will I feel when I get home? Will I be able hiding for a few days???