View Full Version : Blue above lips, not go away, skin cancer worry

08-09-2008, 01:23 AM
For three months now I have blue in the area above my lip -between lip and nose. Started on the one side, got bigger and now also on other side. Almost look like bruises, but no trauma and not going away. I had many many terrible sunburns as a kid in South-Africa and I am now in my early fourties. After about 6 weeks of noticing it and watching it grow, I made an app. at a derm's office but could only get one for today-this is now 3 months ago. Turns out I see the physicians assistant who looked at it once and said I must have sneezed hard and burst a vein? gave me some cortisone cream and said I can go. I showed her a scaly area o top of my foot that is kind of red and keeps on peeling these huge pieces of skin-to that she said, o, your shoes cause it.I tried about three times to explain toherthatIdo not wear shoes that cover the top of my foot, or hardly ever, she sent someone else back in who said-your shoes cause it, here is some cream.
Am I being paranoid- I would much rather they just take a biopsy of the areaabove my lip- I kind of wanted someone who could look me over as I am blonde, very fair skin and who knows- but she hardly stopped to talk. I do not know what to do- cannot find anyone that I can see for about another two months. Maybe it is nothing- but is it possible that a burst vein could cause the growing blue on both sides? It does seem to have stopped getting bigger now but not going away.
Any response or sharing will be very much appreciated

08-14-2008, 07:03 AM
Not sure if that could cause that or not. i think i would want a 2nd opinion too. Sometimes when the drs are booked up you can ask to be put on an appt cancellation list so if they have a cancellation they call you to come in on short notice like that day. Some don't keep a list but will have you call in the a.m. and check to see if there is a cancelled appt that you can have. It stinks that you had to wait that long for an appt! It can vary around here - i try to go where they can get me in within a week or two or i call for cancellations.
Do u have a walk-in clinic - immediate care in the area? may u could go there.
Good Luck!

08-17-2008, 12:48 AM
RidgebackDogs, thanks for your reply. We do have walk in clinics but not for such a speciality. Two months ago I did set up an appointment with a derm for this Friday and luckily I did not cancel it. Not just for 2nd opinion but even just to find someone for the future. I have been applying the cream and the marks are just getting bluer. Will have to see. Thanks again!