View Full Version : photodynamic treatment didn't work trying it again

08-13-2008, 01:18 PM
Well , I had asked about the levulan treatment called photodynamic therapy a while back. I had to wait until after my sons wedding to start the treatment. Anyway , it did not do anything the docs and others I have talked to that have had it done says it does. My face did not get red it didn't swell and it did not peel. To look at me you cannot even tell I had anything done. I was told by the doc it would look really red and the precancer spots would get very dark and then they would peel off. NOTHING!!! I did not even do the very last treatment due to the lack of change. So I went and had to have another uv photo done. Well it shows the first set of treatments did help a litlle bit. Something about my percentage before the first set of treatments was like 36% and now its like 41%. they said they want it to go up and the very least it should be is 80% , but they want it even higher. They seemed very surprised it didn't get red or peel, they said they have never seen anyone not have symptoms. But my skin in some spots is very thick and I wonder if that may have something to do with my not responding. Anyway I will try another batch of treatment next week , which they say will be much more agressive. hopefully this time is will come back 90% or better. Anyone have to go thru this 2 times close together for it to work??

05-01-2009, 06:38 PM
Hi, I just found this post and wanted to comment, Ive had Photodynamic Therapy 4 times now with HUGE success! However, the first two times, I didnt peel or get red either....when I returned a week later, (I had those two treatments 3 weeks apart) and complained that I saw no difference, the doctor really turned it up- and boy oh boy did I get red and peel. It hurt so bad I almost cried...however, 3 days later, the new skin underneathe was fantastic! I went for the fourth treatment yesterday, and only because I have some areas with scarring that I wanted targeted and figured doing the whole face couldnt hurt...so far, so good. Im starting to peel alittle, it will be bad tomororw, but by Monday, Ill have new skin again! I havent had a single cyst since treatment 3....im really excited about this. I hope you went back again and let us know how it worked for you.