View Full Version : 22 year old boyfriend diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer (how bad is this?!?!)

08-18-2008, 10:22 AM
My 22 year old boyfriend was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer last year. He hates to talk about it. I was just wondering what I can do to help/make him feel better. Since he doesnt give me much info (and im worried out of my mind sitting in the dark) I was wondering if anyone can help me.

what I do know:
*Its on his back on his shoulders
*He has been treated, but we work for an organization that makes it hard to have frequent appointments.
*His back aches from time to time to the point where he has to stop whatever hes doing.
*About 5 months ago he said they were scared that it might have gone to his lymph nodes.
*his uncle died at 23 from cancer in his lymph nodes

I dont know how deep it is (or his clarkc level, breslow thickness)

Should I be freaking out? Whats normal with this cancer.
-please help

08-25-2008, 08:44 AM
What type of treatment did your boyfriend have? That will give you an idea of the stage/clarks/breslow. There are a few levels of melanoma. Starting at in-situ which is the best (if you have to have melanoma). Normally insitu will be removed and then he will be watched by regular derm checks. Stage 1 is still a good stage to be. Also, if his doctor did not recommend a SNB (Sentinal Node Biopsy) during the WLE then it is most likey under 1 mm and he would be considered stage 1 or less (in situ).

If the lesion is close to 1 mm or over - normally a SNB is suggested. How was his WLE done? Was it done in office or outpatient?

Have you tried to express to him your concern about this and maybe get him to tell you more. You are his gf and should have information on his health history just in case there is ever any emergency.

As far as his back aches - obviously there can be many factors for that. Until you know what his stage is - I would not worry about that being from melanoma.

Wishing you the best! :)

08-25-2008, 09:36 PM
thanks for your reply. I have since found out that his cancer was at level two. Which he said was good. They were worried that it had spread to his lymph nodes but obviously it hadn't because he hasnt done any extensive surgery since. What is WLE? And i'm not sure the name of the treatment but he said it was simular to a mamogram where they pulled up part of his skin and took x-reys.

Thank you for all your help.

09-02-2008, 11:59 AM
Good to hear that he is doing well. Yes, level 2 is very good. wle is basically the excision. Wide Local Excision (I think that is what it stands for - I really can't remember lol). But it is the excision of the lesion.

I wish you all continued good health. :)