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08-29-2008, 01:18 PM
Hello. I'm 31 and had BCC since i was 15. Yes i was young when i got it. It is hereditary on my moms side of family but i have it the worst out of mom, bro and myself. I have had over 100 BCC's removed. Sometimes i have had as many as 18 done at once. I have been through pretty much all the procedures i have been reading here. Mohs, scrape and burn or just dig it out. The 18 at once was the scrape and burn and that was on mid to lower back and yes, that was worse pain then any. I've been going to one doc for 15 years but insurance changed now i have a new one. I'm typing now with a mohs just done today. From the bottom of my nose up to the corner of my eye. The problem with this one is he had to go through a graft that my other doc did in my corner of eye. I'm not sure how it will heal but it doesn't took to great because he said the skin is to soft and bubbly so it is lumpy up there. :(I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post pics but i could post the surgeries here. I keep them to see what was done and when. I get mixed up to what and when was done on me how many i have had done lol. My face is running out of extra skin to pull which i'm getting worried about. I hate grafts. I have 2 on my face, the one in my corner that he had to go through and one on my eyelid which i hate. I need reconstructive or something because it is to big.

Does anyone know someone my age that has been through this(over hundreds), both my docs haven't seen cases like me. Some ppl i worked with told me to go to philadelphia but i don't want to be a guinea pig from the stories i hear. I don't have melanoma yet(knock on wood) but one of the last moles my other doc scraped and burned he called me back and said i had to come back in and have it dug out because it was an "odd" mole. I asked what odd was and he said....well its pre melanoma, so you could be getting this sooner or later. :(

Well that's enough from me, just wondered if anyone has it this young, how you're dealing with. I been told to use creams but to many side effects from it. I always go in the office and all these ppl 50+ in there just stare at me and go ...wow...you are so young to be here with that and they complain about having there one or two done for first time. I just chuckle at it.

09-04-2008, 08:37 PM
Hi scar. I was just dx with basal. I had a pink spot on my chest that started to bleed-got the news today it was basal. I have another pink spot on my chest that looks just like it so I am sure its that too. I get it removed Tues. I may be over looking now but have a pink spot (new) on my face and on my shoulder.

I do not have an answer to your question, but have a question for you. I have no clue how long I had these spots on my chest. I use to be very freckled there (so would not have noticed), had IPL last yr to remove the freckles and THINK I remember seeing them there but did not think anything about it--always thought cancer was brown. My fear is that it has spread. The reason why I fear this is I have had shooting spine pains, migratory joint pains and nerve/neuro issues for 3 months-I have drs stumped as to what it can be. Now I fear I have mets to my spine. My question to you is how long does it take to spread, and when the cancer does grow does the spot grow larger in appearance?

Thanks for your feedback-I am new to this all and very scared and concerned.